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Cada ciclo enfrentas gastos y problemas con productos desechables que no respetan tu piel y contienen productos tóxicos.

Ciclo tras ciclo, te enfrentas a la incomodidad y al estrés de cambios inesperados con productos tóxicos que limitan tu vida diaria.

La preocupación constante te deja sintiéndote insegura y frustrada. ¿Cuanto tiempo mas seguirás viviendo tu ciclo de esta manera?

Descubre la libertad con Luna Roja. Nuestros productos, hechos de materiales hipoalergénicos y diseñados para la máxima comodidad y protección, están libres de químicos nocivos.

Disfruta de la libertad de moverte con confianza y sin interrupciones durante hasta 12 horas.



Which Menstrual Panty to Choose?

At the beginning of the menstrual cycle

When you want to continue with your daily routine without fear or worries, the best ally is a menstrual panty that makes you feel safe and comfortable.

Halfway through the menstrual cycle

With an avalanche of sensations and feelings, we need the right menstrual panties, which provide us with protection and comfort at the same time.

Ending the menstrual cycle

At the end of the menstrual cycle, it is time to feel sexy and empowered, without fear of complications due to unexpected flows, and what better than an absorbent pantie.


flujo menstrual
Reseña de las chicas Luna Roja
Reseña de las chicas Luna Roja
Son muy buenos si eres de flujo medio o para los días en que ya no tienes tanto flujo, el paquete se había perdido y la atención al cliente fue excepcional, súper amables y siempre estuvieron en contacto conmigo 100% recomendados ❤️❤️
— Jessica Vargas Rondón
Reseña de las chicas Luna Roja
Encantada con Juno. Además de gustarme su nombre, los panties son 10/10 cómodos, ajustados, no se marcan y su absorción es perfecta. Gracias por estos productos que hacen más fácil nuestra intimidad y nuestro período con flujo abundante.
— Jackeline Cruz
Reseña de las chicas Luna Roja
Excelente producto. Doce horas duro con los boy shorts y no me mancho, son muy cómodos y muy seguros, ni se notan que los llevas puestos, Los Amooo! 😍😍
— L.M.
Reseña de las chicas Luna Roja
Me encanto el diseño. El diseño me encanto, el encaje al rededor los hace muy femeninos, absorben muy rápido y no se siente ningún tipo de humedad durante el día.
— Maria Estrada
Reseña de las chicas Luna Roja
Me encanta. Realmente me encanta. Me queda genial y puedo usarlo para cualquier ocasión.
— Juliana Henao





What are our menstrual panties?

For all of you who are still wondering what menstrual panties are, Luna Roja is here to tell you everything about this product that will soon be indispensable in your drawers!

The menstrual hygiene difficulties that we face during the menstrual period are over.

Our menstrual panties are both underwear and sanitary protection. This ally absorbs menstrual blood for up to 12 hours, both day and night, and can be used alone.

In short, your set of Luna Roja menstrual panties is long-lasting and 100% residue-free protection that will accompany you at every moment of your life and your menstrual cycle:

  • From your first period to menopause
  • Through postpartum menstrual panties
  • In case of light and medium flow
  • Or as a complement to internal protection in case of more abundant flow .

It is a washable and reusable product (can be rinsed in cold water) that guarantees:

  • 0 feeling of humidity
  • 0 smell
  • 0 leaks!

It also provides unmatched comfort and total discretion under clothing, all while maintaining high absorbency.

In short, it is the best hygienic protection during menstruation!

Luna Roja's washable menstrual panties are not just for menstruation days.

In fact, compared to conventional lingerie, our menstrual panties are also suitable as daily protection against:

  • urinary losses
  • vaginal secretions
  • Or blood loss between periods

¿Cómo se previenen las fugas?

Nuestros panties menstruales están diseñados con una tecnología de múltiples capas.

La capa absorbente interior retiene el líquido de manera efectiva, mientras que la capa exterior impermeable, hecha de TPU (poliuretano termoplástico), evita que el fluido se escape.

Además, cuentan con una técnica anti-fugas en los laterales que proporciona una protección adicional.

El ajuste ergonómico asegura que el panty se mantenga en su lugar, brindando una protección segura y confiable para que puedas moverte libremente sin preocuparte por las fugas.

How do our menstrual panties work?

Our menstrual panties work thanks to their several layers of absorbent fabrics and a leak-proof layer.

Menstrual blood is absorbed by the layers of fabric and remains contained within the garment.

Here are three important things you should know about how our menstrual panties work:

  • The first layer in contact with your vulva is made of cotton. Cotton is HYPOALLERGENIC, ANTIBACTERIAL and NATURALLY CONTROLS MOISTURE.

  • The two layers of absorbent fabric are made of materials such as organic cotton , bamboo and microfiber to absorb blood and keep the pantie ODOR FREE

  • Leakproof fabric layers are made of WATERPROOF materials such as polyester and polyurethane to prevent leaks.

For more information, you can consult our " how it works" page.

How do we wash our menstrual panties?

To keep your menstrual panties in good condition for as long as possible, you should wash them following our advice.

In addition to a first rinse in cold water, you can gently wash your panties, thongs and menstrual boyshorts in two ways:

  1. By hand.
  2. In the washing machine at 30°, along with the rest of your clothes.

The care taken when washing your reusable menstrual panties will determine how long they will last:

Therefore, follow these tips carefully and you could keep your menstrual underwear for up to 5 years!

Additionally, it is recommended to avoid the use of bleaches and softeners, as they could affect the absorption capacity and quality of the material.

And in case of a stain, you can soak the clothes in cold water with salt or baking soda before washing, to help remove tougher stains.

It is crucial to pay attention to these details to ensure proper maintenance of the garments and guarantee their effectiveness and comfort with each use.

To view Luna Roja care instructions, click this link.

Why give up tampons, menstrual cups and sanitary pads?

Luna Roja offers you to live your period in a different way, an alternative that makes you feel comfortable and free.

Thanks to our leak-proof underwear models designed for all women and girls, with all types of flow and regardless of your size.

Beyond a purchase of simple hygienic and practical protection throughout your menstrual cycle, Luna Roja's absorbent panties are also beautiful underwear that adapts to the lines of your body.

Being able to live your period with complete peace of mind thanks to underwear that perfectly matches your wardrobe, including thongs and boyshorts ?

That's the Red Moon revolution!

This, thanks to serious studies that have made us aware of the hygienic and ecological problems posed by common protections such as tampons or towels.

In particular, the chemicals used are pointed out as probable causes of cancer. Maybe you've also heard of " toxic shock "?

In addition to providing you with cute lingerie with high absorbency that will make your life easier, you will also be doing your privacy and the planet a favor.

Two birds with one stone!

What kind of materials are used for our menstrual panties?

The materials used in our menstrual panties vary depending on the model.

  • Most menstrual panties are made from a combination of cotton , spandex, nylon, bamboo , and polyester.
  • Luna Roja uses more ecological and sustainable materials, such as our bamboo or our organic cotton.
  • And we use antibacterial and absorbent materials, such as bamboo charcoal and microfiber, to provide greater protection and eliminate bacteria.

How long do our menstrual panties last?

The life of our menstrual panties depends on proper care and maintenance, as well as the frequency and duration of use.

  • Our menstrual panties can last 3-5 years with proper care.
  • Luna Roja's instructions should be followed for the proper care and maintenance of menstrual panties.

To view Luna Roja care instructions, click this link.

How many washable menstrual panties do you need for one menstrual cycle?

We recommend that you purchase 3 to 5 menstrual panties , this amount will allow you to be equipped throughout your menstrual cycle.

If you want to diversify your options, don't forget that Luna Roja, your menstrual panties brand, has used all its expertise to offer you menstrual boyshorts , thongs and menstrualbikinis .

Each design has been created with comfort, practicality and aesthetics in mind, so you can feel confident and fashionable during those days of the month.

This way you can opt for different styles of underwear during your period.

All while enjoying the benefits of highly absorbent materials and the peace of mind that comes with anti-leak technology.

Additionally, by being able to vary your type of underwear, you will have the opportunity to adapt to different situations and clothing, allowing you to live your daily life as normally as possible, even during your period.

And remember, each Luna Roja piece is designed to provide you with maximum protection and comfort.

¿Cómo evitan los malos olores?

Nuestros panties menstruales están diseñados para mantenerte fresca y libre de malos olores gracias a varias características clave:

  • Materiales transpirables: El uso de poliéster y nylon en nuestra microfibra permite una mejor circulación del aire, ayudando a evaporar la humedad rápidamente y manteniendo la zona íntima seca.

  • Capas absorbentes: Las capas de microfibra absorben rápidamente el fluido y lo distribuyen uniformemente, evitando acumulaciones de humedad.

  • Primera capa de algodón: La capa de algodón orgánico, en contacto directo con la vulva, inhibe el crecimiento de bacterias y hongos, reduciendo la posibilidad de malos olores. Además, al ser suave y no irritante, evita la fricción y la irritación que podrían causar inflamación, sudoración excesiva y daño a la piel.

  • Diseño sin químicos: Evitar productos químicos y fragancias fuertes disminuye la posibilidad de irritaciones y olores indeseados, manteniendo un entorno más saludable para la piel.

  • Tecnología anti-fugas: La capa final de TPU con tecnología anti-fugas no solo previene escapes, sino que también contiene el líquido, limitando la exposición al aire y reduciendo el crecimiento de bacterias causantes de olores.

Esta combinación asegura que te sientas cómoda y segura durante todo el día.

Learn more about our menstrual panties by clicking below.


More information about our menstrual lingerie brand.

Welcome to Luna Roja, your dedicated destination for menstrual panties designed with precision, care and a touch of love. Established with a mission to revolutionize the feminine hygiene industry, we embarked on our journey to create a world where every menstruating individual experiences comfort, dignity and freedom during their menstrual cycle.

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5 arguments to take the leap

Ecological and Sustainable:

Luna Roja menstrual panties are made with high quality ecological materials, thus contributing to the conservation of the environment.

By opting for our panties, you are not only reducing waste, but also supporting a more sustainable and responsible lifestyle.

Plus, by buying 6 panties and using them instead of pads or tampons for 3 years, you'll generate 50 times less waste .


Although the initial investment in our panties may be higher, they turn out to be extremely profitable in the long term.

Menstrual panties are reusable and with proper care, can last up to 4 years.

In comparison, the cost of a year of pads or tampons, panties are 5 times cheaper.

Plus, you could save even more money on stained sheets as our panties offer superior leak protection.

Comfort and Confidence:

Our panties are designed to provide maximum comfort, allowing users to move freely without the discomfort that can accompany traditional menstrual products.

This convenience leads to greater confidence during periods, as users can continue with their day without worrying about leaks or discomfort.

Innovative Design and High Absorption:

Our period panties, with their innovative design, guarantee optimal absorption and effective protection against leaks, offering peace of mind at all times.

They are made with multiple layers of absorbency that retain and are made of microfiber , which is antimicrobial , adding a waterproof layer that protects against leaks.

These features make them suitable for a variety of needs and preferences, and their exceptional absorbency makes them a reliable choice during the night, during workouts, and throughout the day.

Promotes Open Conversation and Empowerment:

By choosing us, customers are not just purchasing a product; They are joining a movement.

We encourage open conversation about menstruation and seek to empower people by breaking taboos around periods.

Being part of this community promotes education and inclusivity in menstrual health, promoting a sense of belonging and mutual support.

Our story began with a simple fact: that the monthly cycle, a natural and essential part of life for half of the world's population, often comes with discomfort and stigma. It was this information that inspired us to offer a product that not only addresses the functional needs of menstruating people, but also fosters a sense of confidence and self-acceptance.

At Luna Roja, we believe in mixing functionality with sustainability. Our menstrual panties are made with the best ecological materials, ensuring breathability, optimal absorption and a minimal environmental footprint. Our designs are the result of extensive research and feedback from real users, ensuring that each pair meets various needs and preferences.

Community and Conversation

Beyond offering innovative products, we aim to cultivate a community where conversations about menstruation are normalized and menstrual health is prioritized. We are motivated by a vision of a world where no one feels limited by their biology and every person has the knowledge and resources to manage their menstrual health effectively.

Your Feedback Matters

Your experience and feedback are the cornerstone of our continuous improvement. We are eager to hear your thoughts, understand your needs and implement your suggestions. We are not just selling menstrual panties; we are co-creating a movement toward menstrual empowerment and inclusivity, with you.

Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unwavering. We meticulously test our products and value the voices of our community, allowing us to constantly evolve and refine our offerings. We are proud to deliver products that are a beacon of reliability and comfort during your menstrual cycle.

Thank you for joining us on this journey toward redefining menstrual experiences and breaking down the barriers around them. Together, let us create a world where every person lives without shame – free from judgment, doubt and discomfort, empowered to embrace their true selves.

Welcome to Luna Roja where comfort meets empowerment.