Gender equality is a fundamental human right and a crucial goal for the sustainable development of any society. To advance this task, it is important to carry out concrete actions that promote gender equality and non-discrimination. Here are 15 important actions that can boost gender equality:

1. Promote education with a gender perspective and training for gender equality

gender equality

Education plays a fundamental role in promoting gender equality. Learn to differentiate between equality and equity here .

By integrating a gender perspective into educational systems and providing training for gender equality, we can drive significant change in our societies. Here are some key actions to achieve this:

  • Introduce the gender perspective in study plans and educational materials, so that examples and cases that address gender diversity in different areas are included.
  • Carry out training programs for teachers, including both initial training processes and permanent updating and training programs.
  • Promote awareness campaigns about the importance of gender perspective training at all educational stages.
  • Create a commission or working group in schools or universities to monitor and supervise progress in gender perspective training.
  • Develop teaching strategies and pedagogical tools that address the gender perspective and that encourage participation and critical thinking in an inclusive manner.

2. Encourage greater participation of women in politics and leadership positions

To encourage greater participation of women in politics and in leadership positions, various actions can be carried out, including:

  • Establish laws and policies that promote equal opportunities and non-discrimination based on gender in politics and in leadership positions, in addition to creating training and training programs for women interested in politics and leadership, which include communication skills. leadership, communication and negotiation.
  • Implement specific measures to promote the representation of women in political parties, such as establishing minimum quotas for gender participation in electoral lists.
  • Promote an inclusive political culture free of discrimination based on gender, that encourages the participation of women and respects their opinions and proposals.
  • Establish funding and support schemes for women who wish to run for leadership positions, so that they have access to the resources they need to compete on equal terms with their male counterparts.
  • Promote the creation of networks of women politicians and leaders that exchange experiences, provide mutual support and allow the construction of alliances to address issues of common interest.

3. Implement equal pay policies to eliminate the gender pay gap

gender equality

To implement equal pay policies and eliminate the gender pay gap, the following measures can be considered:

  • Carry out a salary analysis to identify whether there are unjustified salary differences between men and women who perform the same job or jobs of equal value.
  • Establish equality plans in companies that contemplate concrete measures to promote equal pay, such as the definition of clear and objective professional categories, the creation of transparent salary scales, the elimination of discriminatory salary supplements, among others.
  • Promote collective bargaining around equal pay, which includes the inclusion of specific clauses in collective agreements that guarantee equal pay between men and women.
  • Promote salary transparency in companies, through the disclosure of clear and detailed information on the remuneration received by male and female workers, especially when it comes to gender pay differences.
  • Raise awareness and train workers on gender equality and the importance of equal pay as a fundamental element of social justice. It can turn you into an empowered woman without discrimination with these keys .

4. Guarantee access to sexual and reproductive health for all people, without discrimination

To guarantee access to sexual and reproductive health for all people, without discrimination, you can do this by:

  • Promote sexual education and the prevention of unwanted pregnancies by disseminating clear and accessible information on contraception and reproductive control.
  • Guarantee equitable and universal access to contraceptive methods and sexual and reproductive health services, including safe and legal abortion services, if necessary.
  • Eliminate any form of discrimination that prevents access to these health services or that prevents the free choice of the most appropriate contraceptive methods for each person.
  • Promote gender equality through policies and programs that allow women and LGBTI+ people access to sexual and reproductive health services, without discrimination. Do you already know what lesbian feminism is? Click here .
  • Guarantee the right to information and confidentiality in sexual and reproductive health services, allowing access to quality counseling and care services.

5. Fight against gender violence and guarantee protection and access to justice for victims

gender equality

To fight against gender violence and guarantee protection and access to justice for victims, the following can be taken into account:

  • Strengthen reporting and care mechanisms for victims of gender violence and improving the training of professionals and care in gender violence care centers. Recognize a sexist and report him if necessary .
  • Promote education and awareness in society in general about gender violence and its consequences, in order to combat the stereotypes and gender roles that promote it.
  • Guarantee access to justice for victims of gender violence, ensuring that laws and policies are in line with international human rights standards and that the necessary resources are invested to make it a reality.
  • Establish effective prevention measures to reduce gender violence, including the implementation of prevention policies and programs in schools, workplaces and in the community in general.
  • Promote gender equality and the economic empowerment of women, ensuring access to the same resources and opportunities as men.

6. Promote equal opportunities in the labor market, including protection against gender discrimination in employment

To establish equal opportunities in the labor market, authorities can take into account the following:

  • Promote gender equality in access to employment, ensuring that equal opportunities are taken into account and any form of discrimination is eliminated.
  • Adopt measures to close gender gaps in employment, promoting a better reconciliation of work and family life so that women can access quality jobs on equal terms with men.
  • Implement concrete policies and measures that promote gender equality in the workplace, such as equal pay programs and promotion opportunities for women.
  • Reduce barriers that prevent the participation of women and other disadvantaged people in the labor market, such as lack of access to education and vocational training.
  • Raise awareness among employers and employees about the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce, and promote inclusive practices in all aspects of employment.

7. Promote gender equality in technology and innovation

To promote gender equality in technology and innovation, these actions can be carried out:

  • Promote equal access to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education for women and girls, from primary education to university.
  • Raise awareness among technology and innovation companies about the need to guarantee gender equality in decision-making and in the development of products and services.
  • Promote the active participation of women and gender minorities in innovation and technological entrepreneurship, through the creation of specific programs and the promotion of contact networks and collaboration.
  • Implement measures to guarantee equal remuneration and promotion opportunities for women and men in the technological field.
  • Develop technologies that are inclusive and accessible to all people, including people with disabilities and people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

8. Promote gender equality in the media and culture

To promote gender equality in the media and culture we can do the following:

  • Raise awareness and train media professionals on issues of gender equality and non-discrimination, so that they can reflect social reality in an objective and non-sexist way.
  • Promote the balanced presence of women and men in all areas of the media, including management, technical and creative positions.
  • Promote the visibility of women and gender minorities in culture, in all its expressions, from the plastic arts to music or cinema.
  • Support and promote initiatives that contribute to education and public awareness on issues of gender equality and cultural diversity.
  • Adopt concrete measures that promote equality in cultural decision-making and access to public and private economic resources.

9. Fight intersectional discrimination, including discrimination against trans women, elderly women, women with disabilities, among others

To combat this, the following measures can be considered:

  • Promote education and awareness about intersectional discrimination, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and addressing the multiple forms of oppression faced by vulnerable women.
  • Guarantee equal access to public services, including health, education and employment services, for all people, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, ethnic origin or religion.
  • Take concrete measures to eradicate discrimination and harassment in the workplace, and to ensure equal opportunities and remuneration for women and gender minorities.
  • Support a culture of inclusion by promoting gender equality and diversity in all areas of society, including media and culture, to reduce stigma and discrimination towards those who are different.
  • Give a voice to vulnerable women so that they can participate in the design and implementation of inclusive policies that address their specific needs.

10. Involve men and boys in the fight for gender equality and in building more just and inclusive societies

gender equality

To involve men and boys in the fight for gender equality and in building more just and inclusive societies, the following measures can be considered:

  • Promote education and awareness about gender equality and the importance of involving men and boys in the fight against discrimination and violence against women.
  • Support and empower men's organizations that work for gender equality and advocate for cultural change that fosters respect and equality.
  • Promote models of positive masculinities that reject violence and discrimination against women, and that promote equal opportunities and rights.
  • Promote co-responsibility in care tasks and decision-making at home and in the community, so that men and women have equal opportunities to develop fully.
  • Include men in the implementation of policies and programs that promote gender equality and address the specific needs of women and gender minorities.

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