In this era of empowerment and sexual education, where taboos about the female body are being broken, it is essential to recognize and learn how to take care of our intimate health. Here we offer you six practical tips to take better care of your vagina, improving your quality of life and your personal relationships.

1. Importance of proper intimate hygiene

Good intimate hygiene is crucial to maintain the health of your vagina and avoid infections or irritations. Although each woman is unique and her needs may vary, there are common hygiene practices that are beneficial for everyone: Avoid intimate wipes and soaps. These products can alter the natural pH of your vulva, promoting infections. Opt for water and gentle cleaning with your fingers, making sure to dry the area well afterwards.

2. Correct cleaning of the vulva

Use water to clean your external genitals and avoid sponges or brushes, as they can accumulate germs. Remember that water and your fingers are enough for effective cleaning.

3. Reject intimate showers

Your vagina has an efficient self-cleaning system and does not require cleaning with chemicals. Trust your natural ability and limit your hygiene to the external genitals with water.

4. Opt for organic cotton menstrual products

Common menstrual products can contain harmful chemicals. Try our organic cotton menstrual panties, which protect you during menstruation without compromising the health of your vagina. These garments are comfortable, safe and maintain the natural balance of your body.

5. Choose sustainable menstrual products

During menstruation, consider eco-friendly, chemical-free alternatives, such as a menstrual cup or cloth wipes. These products are healthy and environmentally friendly, providing convenience and cleanliness without negative effects on your health or the planet. Do you want to know more about sustainable menstruation? Click here to explore green, healthy options that take care of both you and the planet.

6. Medical consultation in case of abnormal symptoms

If you experience symptoms such as itching, bad odor, or unusual discharge, don't hesitate to consult your doctor. These signs may require medical attention, and it is vital to take care of your intimate health without being afraid to ask.

Conclusion: Listening to your body is the key to the health of your vagina

It is time to get rid of old customs based on myths and open ourselves to practices that promote better intimate health. Remember, we are constantly evolving, and finding the right routine for your body is key. Health should always be your top priority.

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