Greetings, girls! Today we address a crucial topic: genital warts caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). These warts, which can be flat or raised due to an excess of keratin produced by the virus, affect approximately 1% of the population, being mainly caused by HPV types 6 and 11.

genital warts

It is vital to note that, although warts are not cancerous, they can be confused with vulvar or vaginal dysplasia. Therefore, the presence of genital warts could indicate the existence of types of HPV with a higher oncogenic risk.

Diagnosis and When to Worry

If you are under 40 and have a wart without alarming features, you probably don't need a biopsy. However, pigmented, ulcerated, or atypical warts, especially if you are over 40 or have a compromised immune system, require medical evaluation to rule out precancerous or cancerous lesions.

Anal warts should be examined by a specialist capable of performing anoscopy to identify possible internal lesions that need treatment.

Treatment: Wait or Act

Although some warts may disappear on their own, if they persist for more than a year, they are unlikely to go away without intervention. There are multiple treatments, and the choice will depend on factors such as the number and size of warts, costs, potential pregnancy, and personal preferences.

Medical Options
  • Cryotherapy: Freezes warts to eliminate infected cells, possibly requiring multiple sessions.
  • Surgical Removal: Removes warts using various techniques, being effective but possibly painful.
  • Trichloroacetic or Bichloroacetic Acid: Destroys the wart protein, although it must be applied carefully to avoid damage to the surrounding skin.

Conclusion and Prevention


Genital warts are a sign to consider in the early detection of potential abnormalities, so it is crucial to consult a doctor for any changes. Prevention through vaccination and correct condom use is essential in the fight against HPV.

As you take care of your sexual health and consider treatment for genital warts, don't forget to take daily care of your intimate health. Menstrual panties offer comfort and protection, especially if you are treating sensitive conditions such as genital warts. Explore our range of products designed for your well-being in our online store.

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