The vulva, the set of female external genital organs, is a multifunctional system crucial for sexual pleasure, protection of sensitive tissues, and much more. Here we break down its complex structure and offer you tips to care for it effectively.

Vulva: the multitasking organ

The vulva is known for its multifaceted role, from providing pleasure to protecting against external irritations. It is able to recover and adapt to significant changes, such as childbirth, demonstrating its resilience and complexity.

Parts of the vulva:


Clitoris: the center of pleasure

  • Body: This central part of the clitoris, about 2 to 4 cm in length, connects to the pubic bone and plays a vital role in sexual sensations.
  • Root: The erectile parts of the clitoris converge here, located superficially under the skin and crucial for stimulation.
  • Clitoral pillars: Extended on each side, these 'arms' of the clitoral structure are essential in erectile function.
  • Clitoral bulbs: Located around the urethra and vagina, these contribute to erectile structure and pleasure.

Lips and mons venus: protective barriers

The mons pubis and labia, both major and minor, not only contribute to sexual pleasure but also offer mechanical and sensory protection. These folds and layers of skin and fatty tissue protect the sensitive internal parts.

Vulvar skin: an essential barrier

The skin and hair of the vulva form a protective “acid mantle” that keeps bacteria and viruses at bay. The presence of sweat and sebaceous glands ensures that this area remains lubricated and protected.

Lobby: meeting point

The vestibule is where the vagina and vulva meet, and where the Skene and Bartolini glands are located, essential for lubrication. This area also houses the anal sphincter, whose high innervation explains why some find anal sex pleasurable.

Importance of education and care

Among sexual health experts, the importance of knowing the vulva in detail for adequate care and sexual satisfaction stands out. Many myths and misunderstandings have led to a lack of care and misunderstanding of this area. Learning about the vulva is crucial to breaking these myths and enjoying a full, healthy life.

Conclusion: know your vulva and take care of it

Understanding the vulva in its entirety allows for more informed care and greater personal satisfaction. It is important to reevaluate and adapt our care and perceptions to ensure long-term well-being. Listen and learn from your body, and don't hesitate to seek medical guidance when necessary. Your vulva is an essential part of you, treat it with the respect and care it deserves.

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