Understanding the anatomy of the vagina is essential for female health and well-being. The vagina is not just a part of the body, but a complex system that plays crucial roles in reproduction, sexual pleasure, and overall health. Here we explore its parts and why it is vital to know them.

The vagina: more than a muscular channel

The vagina is an elastic canal that connects the uterus to the outside of the body. Its main function is reproduction, but it is also essential for menstruation and sexual pleasure. Knowing its structure and how to care for it can prevent infections and improve your sex life.

The vulva: the guardian of the vagina

vulva is an external organ

The vulva is the external organ that surrounds the entrance to the vagina. Includes:

  • Mons Venus: The padded area over the pubic bone, covered with pubic hair that protects the pelvic region.
  • Labia Majora: External folds covered with hair that protect the entrance to the vagina and the internal structures.
  • Labia Minora: Hairless internal folds that protect the entrance to the vagina and urethra. They vary greatly in size and color between women.
  • Clitoris: Located at the top of the vulva, it is the center of female sexual pleasure, full of nerve endings.

Understanding the function of each part allows you to care for them properly and recognize any signs of problems.

Clitoris: the organ of pleasure

The clitoris is a complex, erectile structure, known primarily for its visible glans, but has internal parts such as the clitoral bulbs and crura. It is essential for the female orgasm and knowing its structure can improve the sexual experience.

Glands and secondary functions

  • Bartholin glands: Located on either side of the vaginal entrance, these glands secrete a fluid that lubricates the vulva.
  • Skene's glands: Known as the "female prostate," these glands surround the urethra and can contribute to lubrication and pleasure.

The importance of anatomical knowledge

Knowing the parts of the vagina and vulva not only improves your hygiene and sexual pleasure, but also empowers you to speak confidently with medical professionals and dispel myths and taboos. Understanding your body allows you to take better care of it and enjoy a healthy and satisfying sex life.

Historical and social impact on the understanding of the vagina

Throughout history, the understanding of female anatomy has been plagued by myths and social restrictions. From the time of Hippocrates to the present, there has been a long journey to reach current knowledge. Figures such as Georg Ludwig Kobelt and his detailed descriptions of the clitoris, and Persian and Arab physicians with their interest in the clitoris, have contributed to this understanding. Knowing this historical context allows you to appreciate the importance of continuing education and research.


Understanding the parts of the vagina and vulva is not just a matter of knowledge, but of health, enjoyment and empowerment. Knowing your body allows you to take better care of it, enjoy your sex life more, and engage in informed conversations. It's time to educate, learn and celebrate the amazing female body.

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