The moon, menstruation and archetypes have captivated women since ancient times, weaving a deep connection with our feminine essence. These elements invite us to explore our relationship with the cosmos and with our inner being. In this article, we will delve into how the archetypes revealed in lunar and menstrual narratives and mythologies offer us valuable insights into our emotions, life cycles, and internal transformations.

Archetypes and Menstruation: A Millennial Teaching

Historically, stories and myths have served as vehicles of wisdom, guiding societies through powerful images and symbols that resonate with universal rhythms. In cultures where oral tradition predominated, these stories transmitted essential knowledge about the structure of the cosmos, deities, earthly cycles, and human experience, using archetypes to facilitate the understanding and application of these lessons in everyday life.

The Great Goddess and Her Phases

In ancient times, the predominant archetype was that of the Great Goddess, symbolized by three female figures that represented the stages of the female life cycle: the Maiden, the Mother and the Witch (or Crone). Each reflected aspects of the lunar cycle and was associated with specific colors, from the youthful dynamism of the Maiden to the deep wisdom of the Witch.

The "Witch" symbolized women whose menstrual cycles had ceased, it was believed that these women retained the creative energy of their menstrual blood, granting them mental clarity, creativity and magical powers. Historically, these women were revered as fortune tellers or sorceresses, although modernity has blurred respect for older female wisdom.

feminine archetypes and lunar cycle

Beyond Mother, Maiden and Witch

The feminine cycle also includes the Dark Mother, an archetype that symbolizes both death and spiritual freedom and rebirth. The different aspects of femininity are reflected in the divine archetypes and correlate with the lunar phases, manifesting the presence of the divine feminine on Earth and in women.

The lunar and menstrual archetypes, from the preovulatory Virgin to the premenstrual Enchantress, embody the varied energies and potentialities of women in tune with lunar and terrestrial rhythms.

The Importance of Reconnecting with the Feminine Mysteries

Contemporary interpretation often omits the significance of the feminine mysteries and internal rituals experienced during menstruation. Rediscovering these archetypes and symbols is not only a journey towards self-knowledge but also towards the revaluation of our intrinsic connection with nature and the universe.

Exploring the interrelationship between the moon, menstruation and archetypes is an enriching path for those women who seek to deepen their understanding of their own identity and the world around them, reminding us of the importance of honoring our natural cycles and reconnecting with wisdom. ancestral transmitted through the ages.

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