Winter not only brings cold, but it could also intensify menstrual pain. A recent study, based on the experiences of more than 5,000 women, opens a dialogue about the impact of winter weather on physical and mental health, highlighting how the seasons affect men and women differently.

What Did the Study Reveal About Winter Menstrual Pain?

In October 2022, Censuswid, in collaboration with Intimina, a leading women's wellness brand, conducted an in-depth study with 5,083 women ages 18 to 45 across multiple countries. This analysis provides a unique perspective on how the winter season affects the menstrual cycle.
In France, about a third of women surveyed experienced more painful periods in winter. Of all the participants, 30% reported an increase in menstrual pain, while 17% observed greater irregularity in their cycle and 14% noticed a longer duration of their period during these cold months.

What Are the Factors that Exacerbate Menstrual Symptoms?

Women in the survey described several additional symptoms during the winter, including bloating, migraines, anxiety, diarrhea, nausea, and discomfort in specific areas of the body.
How exactly does winter affect the menstrual cycle? The cold can cause constriction of blood vessels, intensifying the pain. Less physical activity and increased time indoors could also influence mood and pain perception.
The reduction in sun exposure during winter can decrease FSH levels and affect the regularity of ovulation, as well as the production of thyroid hormones, altering metabolism and the length of the menstrual cycle.

What Recommendations Do Experts Offer to Relieve These Symptoms?

Health professionals suggest talking to a doctor, maintaining good mental health, and increasing physical activity to better cope with these symptoms. Remedies such as paracetamol, massage oils, herbal teas, yoga and localized heat methods can be effective.

This study sheds light on the need for greater understanding and care around menstrual health during winter. Strategies to mitigate these effects are key to improving the quality of life of many women.

Have you experienced changes in your menstrual symptoms during the winter? Share your experiences and relief strategies in the comments.

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