Pregnancy is a roller coaster of physical changes, touching every corner of the body, especially the vagina and vulva. These changes often go unnoticed, leaving many women uninformed about what being pregnant really entails. Inspired by the teachings of gynecologist Jen Gunter in her book “ The Vagina Bible ”, we will address the different ways in which pregnancy shapes the female body.

Preparing for the unexpected

vaginal health in pregnancy

It is vital for expectant mothers to understand and prepare for these changes. It's more than belly growth or weight gain; It's a complete journey that involves everything from breast changes to swollen feet.

Beyond the visible changes

The reality is that pregnancy goes far beyond the obvious. From the first weeks, the vagina, vulva and cervix begin to transform. Swelling and color changes in the vagina and vulva, known as Chadwick's sign, are just the beginning of a long list of changes.

Chadwick sign: visible changes during pregnancy

Chadwick's sign is one of the physical changes that occur in the initial stages of pregnancy. This phenomenon includes:

  1. A color change : It's incredible, but the vagina and vulva can take on a purple or bluish hue. This is because there is more blood flowing to that area.
  2. Visible swelling : Along with the color change, the vagina and vulva may swell a little, which is completely natural at this stage.
  3. Increased sensitivity : These areas become more sensitive. Don't be surprised if you notice that they react differently to touch.
  4. Texture softens : The skin and muscles around the vagina and vulva may feel softer than usual.
  5. More discharge than normal : If you notice that you have more vaginal discharge, don't worry, it is quite common during pregnancy. And here's a tip: to feel more comfortable and take care of your intimate area, absorbent panties that are usually used for menstruation can be a great solution. Not only do they prevent irritation and infections, but they also provide you with comfort in these special months. Would you like to see what our panties look like? Click here and find out.

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Facing infections and other vaginal challenges in pregnancy

Pregnancy also increases the susceptibility to fungal infections, a mystery not yet fully deciphered. In addition, it is crucial to be aware of the presence of group B streptococcus in the third trimester, since its detection and treatment are essential for the baby's safety.

A carousel of emotions and desires in pregnant women

We cannot ignore how pregnancy plays with our emotions and desires. Although some experience a decreased libido, many others discover a renewed interest in intimacy. Here's where the myths are busted: Having sex during a healthy, low-risk pregnancy is generally safe.

Sex and safety: demystifying beliefs about sexuality in pregnancy

There are popular beliefs about sex in pregnancy that need clarification. Sexual intercourse does not speed up labor in most cases. However, there are precautions to take, especially in high-risk pregnancies.

Crucial tips for the moment of childbirth

As childbirth approaches, forget stereotypes. Don't worry about hair removal or having a bowel movement during labor. What really matters is your health and that of the baby.

Did you know all this about pregnancy?

Talking openly about the changes that pregnancy brings to the vagina and the body in general is essential. Understanding these changes allows us to take better care of ourselves and demand the respect and attention we deserve.

Your opinion is important to us, share your thoughts and help spread this vital information!

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