Conception during menstruation is a topic surrounded by myths and beliefs. Some people believe that it is impossible to get pregnant during this stage, but the reality is that it is possible. Although the chances of getting pregnant during menstruation are lower compared to the ovulation phase (the time of the cycle when fertility is maximum), they are not non-existent.

Women with irregular cycles: an added risk

Women with irregular menstrual cycles should be especially cautious. For them, differentiating light bleeding or "spotting" from regular menstruation can be a challenge. This can lead to having sex during a time of high fertility, mistakenly believing that they are in their menstrual period.

The importance of protection during menstruation

It is vital to understand that menstruation does not eliminate the need to use contraception. Protection is essential, not only to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, but also because the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI) is constant, whether during menstruation or any other phase of the cycle.

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