Ladies, have you noticed that the skin on our vulva is exceptionally more delicate than the rest of our body? This is because the vulva has a unique moisture, and its pubic hair along with the acid mantle act as natural protective barriers. However, factors such as age, incontinence, the use of soaps, wipes, hair removal practices and yes, even the dryer (leave it aside!), can compromise the hydration of the vulva, leading it to a state of dryness, irritation and susceptibility to microinjuries.

Fortunately, moisturizers emerge as an effective solution against xerosis or skin dryness, mitigating redness, itching and fissures. Do you need one? It will depend on your symptoms and factors contributing to dryness, such as hair removal or the preferential use of soaps instead of lotions. Although certain factors, such as age, are inevitable, and there are medications, such as chemotherapy or oral retinoids for acne, that can induce dryness and cannot always be stopped.

If you experience dryness on your vulva and/or itching, consider trying a moisturizer. However, if you do not see improvement within a few weeks, it is prudent to consult a specialist to rule out other conditions. Prioritize the care of your intimate area!

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Is the preventive use of moisturizers recommended?

The effectiveness of moisturizers as a preventative measure to maintain healthy skin in women without symptoms is unclear, but it could be beneficial, especially if you are over 40 years old, frequently wax, or are exposed to irritants such as soaps and wipes. They could also be useful for conditions such as incontinence or skin diseases that affect the vulva, such as lichen simplex chronicus or lichen sclerosus. In these cases, it is best to consult your doctor for a personalized recommendation.

Possible drawbacks of moisturizers

Although useful, some products can clog pores, causing folliculitis, or cause irritation and allergies, in addition to the inconvenience of having to apply them regularly.

What is the best moisturizer for our intimate area?

Well, the truth is that the specific effects on the vulva have not yet been studied, but here we leave you the most common options and what we know about them.

  • Coconut oil: This oil has been researched on the skin of premature babies with no negative effects and was actually more effective than mineral oil in preventing moisture loss in the skin. Plus, it only has one ingredient, so if it irritates you, it's easy to identify the cause. It's cheaper than other options, absorbs well, and smells great.
  • Olive oil: It has been used as a vulvar moisturizer in women with breast cancer who cannot use estrogen and has been well tolerated. It is a good emollient and occlusive.
  • Baby or mineral oil: This oil is obtained from petroleum, but is safe for external use. It is a good emollient and occlusive.
  • Vaseline or petrolatum: This is a refined option based on mineral oils and wax, and is useful for preventing moisture loss. It is also well tolerated.
  • Any diaper rash cream: These are usually a combination of emollients, occlusives and moisturizers, with ingredients such as lanolin, petrolatum, cod liver oil, mineral oils, aloe, wax and dimethicone, and preservatives. A+D cream is generally well tolerated, but it has lanolin which may cause allergies in some women.
  • Vitamin E: Some women use the oil from vitamin E capsules, but this option should be used with caution. Research on topical effects is not available, but taking vitamin E by mouth in doses greater than 400 IU per day may increase the risk of death. For this reason, it is best to use with caution.
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What to avoid?

Avoid creams with acetylsalicylic acid or retinol and products that promise to "brighten" the vulva. These may be irritating and have not been tested on the vulva. Remember, melanocytes and melanin are essential for your immune system, so side effects could be more serious than simple irritation.

Conclusion: Your Well-being is Paramount

When choosing products for vulvar hydration, opt for those that are safe and well tolerated. Avoid irritating ingredients and consult a specialist if you have concerns, especially if you notice worrying changes. Your health and comfort come first.

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