Absence from work due to menstrual symptoms, an underrecognized challenge, affects the productivity and well-being of many women. This article explores the emerging need to normalize menstrual leave in the workplace.

The Impact of Menstrual Symptoms on Professional Life

Annually, women face losing up to 36 days of work due to symptoms such as cramps, bloating and nausea. These inconveniences affect not only your work performance, but also your ability to participate in activities outside of work, resulting in the cancellation of important commitments and disruption of personal plans.

Study of Joii and Limitation in Physical Activity

According to a study by Joii, a pioneering company in menstrual care products, around 45% of women surveyed reported that menstrual discomfort prevents them from doing physical exercises. This information, highlighted by Glamor UK, highlights how menstrual problems affect both personal and professional lives.

Legislative Innovation in Spain on Menstrual Leave

Spain has taken a significant step by adopting a law that offers menstrual leave to women with severe pain during menstruation. This progress, funded by the social security system, is a milestone in Europe and underlines the need for policies that recognize the health and well-being demands of women at work.

Global Perspective on Menstrual Leave and IFOP Data

Globally, few countries offer menstrual leave. A survey carried out by IFOP reveals that 66% of French workers would support this initiative in their workplaces. This data reflects a growing demand for inclusive and health-conscious workplace policies.

Practical Solutions and Work Alternatives

Health experts recommend options such as teleworking to better manage menstrual symptoms, allowing women to work with less pressure and greater comfort, adapting their work environment to their specific needs during menstruation.

Moving towards an Inclusive Work Environment

The conversation about menstrual leave is gaining importance on the global agenda. Its adoption represents a step forward towards respecting and considering the public health needs of women. This debate is essential to promote a more inclusive and empathetic work environment.

What is your view on menstrual leave at work? We invite your comments and perspectives.

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