Invisibilized Women in History

Downplaying women's contributions can result in serious repercussions. For example, Mary Kenner was denied recognition for an invention that could have changed the lives of many women.

Throughout history, many women have been overshadowed and unrecognized for their contributions, resulting in forgotten or unnoticed stories. This lack of recognition, especially in the scientific field, can negatively impact progress and our daily lives.

Recovering Forgotten Stories

However, in a hopeful initiative, several contemporary texts seek to highlight and recover the importance of these women in history.

Zing Tsjeng, journalist for the Vice portal, has written a collection of books launched in March in the United Kingdom, called "Forgotten Women."

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The Inventive Legacy of Mary Kenner

One of the protagonists is Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner, a notable African-American woman. Kenner's story is rescued and told by Tsjeng.

Born in 1912 in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, Mary Kenner showed a penchant for inventing from a very young age, a passion inherited from her lineage. For example, one of his ancestors designed a sign for trains and his father created a compact iron ideal for travel. Not only she had this talent, but also her sister, who created an innovative board game.

According to Zing Tseng, after finishing high school in 1931, Mary entered Howard University. Despite his achievement, he had to pause his education for almost two years due to financial difficulties. His career was marked by the need for financing to record his creations.

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Challenges and Discrimination: The Untold Story

It was in 1957, when he was 45 years old, that he was able to obtain the funds to patent an innovative band designed for disposable sanitary napkins. This invention, which he had conceived three decades earlier, was just the beginning, as he patented several more. This particular sash design had the ability to fit, safely contain the towel and prevent moisture, minimizing possible accidents and stains on clothing.

Mary Kenner was once approached by a company that was enthusiastic about the idea of ​​commercializing one of her inventions. Filled with hope, Kenner began dreaming about the positive impact this would have on her life, envisioning property, cars, and a prosperous future. However, when a company representative visited her and discovered that she was an African-American woman, the situation changed drastically. Despite his talent and the viability of his invention, the company withdrew its interest after learning of his ethnicity.

The Persevering Spirit of Kenner

This incident illustrates how innovations that could have been revolutionary came close to being recognized. During those times, alternatives for menstruation, such as tampons, were viewed with prejudice, forcing women to resort to rudimentary methods, such as using rags.

Despite the challenges, Kenner didn't stop. Over the years, he patented other useful ideas, such as an innovative toilet paper dispenser and a special shower brush. Although her genius was put to the service of science and everyday life, she faced persistent obstacles due to racism and gender discrimination.

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