Pubic hair, our vulva's natural companion since puberty, performs essential functions, from protecting against microscopic dirt to maintaining moisture balance. Did you know that the sebaceous and apocrine glands in this area release protective oils? Stimulation of these hairs can even play a role in sexual pleasure, helping to disperse pheromones and attract a partner.

Unlike hair, pubic hair has a unique structure and growth. Over time, its density and color can change, especially during pregnancy or with age. This is just a fragment of our body's fascinating biology that deserves to be appreciated and not completely eradicated.

History and Trends of Pelvic Hair Removal

The practice of hair removal is not recent. From ancient Egypt, where people sought to avoid lice, to the use of "merkin" to hide diseases, hair removal has played a role in history. However, it is crucial to ask ourselves: Why this trend towards total hair removal?

The influence of art, popular culture and social expectations have shaped our perception of pubic hair, often associating it with ideas of impurity or lack of hygiene, a false and harmful notion.

Impact of Hair Removal on Health

The reality is that hair removal, especially when done excessively or incorrectly, can lead to injuries, infections and alter the natural flora of the vulva. The belief that full hair removal is more hygienic is a myth that needs to be debunked. In reality, maintaining a natural balance is crucial for our sexual and reproductive health.

feminine balance

Personal Decisions and Professional Recommendations

Have you ever felt pressured to remove your pubic hair?

social pressure

At the end of the day, the choice to shave or not is personal. However, it is vital to educate yourself and consider the health implications before making a decision. Conversation with medical professionals can provide guidance and ensure that self-care practices do not compromise our well-being.

In conclusion, the beauty of the vulva and its natural hair deserves to be celebrated and protected. It's time to re-evaluate hair removal practices, armed with knowledge and a new appreciation for the function and protection our pubic hair offers us. Let's advocate for an approach to self-care that honors health, comfort, and authenticity over passing trends.

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