Have you ever felt uncomfortable or embarrassed talking about your period at work ? You are not alone. In many work environments, especially those dominated by men, this topic remains taboo. But why? Menstruation is a natural process that millions of women experience every month. It's time to break the silence and transform the way we approach this issue in the workplace .

menstruation at work

Educating with Empathy

By openly sharing our experiences and knowledge about menstruation, we can:

  • Foster greater understanding and empathy at all levels of the organization.
  • Eliminate stigmas and taboos , promoting a more inclusive and respectful work environment.
  • Significantly reduce absenteeism , boosting the productivity and well-being of all people at work.

Initiating dialogue and talking about menstruation with men may seem challenging , but it is essential to creating a truly inclusive work environment . Start in close circles, such as friends or family, to familiarize yourself with the topic. It highlights the normality of the menstrual cycle and explains its various symptoms and effects. Ensure your right to privacy by sharing only what you feel comfortable with.

Understanding Menstruation: An Open Dialogue in the Workplace

On the path to an inclusive and supportive work environment , it is essential to approach menstruation with clarity and empathy. A simple way to start this conversation with men at work is to explain that:

" Menstruation is a natural process that occurs almost every month in women. It prepares the body for the possibility of pregnancy. If there is no pregnancy, the body discards blood and tissue through the vagina. This phenomenon can cause discomfort or pain in some women. It is completely normal and deserves to be treated with understanding and respect."

men and questions about menstruation

To deepen understanding and facilitate constructive dialogue, here are some common questions men might have, with clear and direct answers:

  1. Does menstruation always hurt?
    • Clarification : Not necessarily. Although it is common to feel pain or cramps due to uterine contractions, the intensity varies between women.
  2. How long does it last?
    • Explanation : The duration is variable, generally ranging between 3 and 7 days. Each woman has a unique cycle that can even vary month to month .
  3. Can you continue with your usual activities?
    • Answer : Absolutely. Although some women may feel fatigued or seek lighter activities, most continue with their daily routine.
  4. Is mood change common during this period?
    • Information : Yes, hormonal changes during the cycle can influence mood , which is normal and differs from one person to another.
  5. How can I provide support during her menstruation?
    • Tip : Empathy is essential. Showing yourself understanding and being willing to offer support as needed is key, always respecting their needs and spaces.

This exchange of questions and answers not only clarifies doubts , but also fosters a work environment based on mutual respect and support. By opening up these conversations, we take steps toward normalizing menstruation and building a work culture that recognizes and respects the experiences of all people.

empathetic conversation about menstruation

Navigating Menstruation with Dignity Your well-being comes first

To manage your menstruation at work while maintaining your privacy and dignity, we recommend:

  • Choose to share only what is necessary, respecting your privacy and well-being.
  • Confront inappropriate comments firmly and politely , setting clear boundaries about what is acceptable.

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