Female sexual pleasure, often shrouded in mystery and misunderstanding, deserves deep and non-judgmental exploration. The woman's body, a territory as intimate as it is unknown, holds secrets about pleasure that go beyond what is commonly known. Clitoris, G-spot, female ejaculation, orgasms and climax are concepts that, when addressed in female sexual education, reveal the gaps caused by ancient beliefs of sin and impurity.

Opening the dialogue about the female body

It is crucial to talk about women's bodies without fear of social reprisals, freeing ourselves from socially imposed shame and guilt. Therefore, we delve into chapter 4 of “The Vagina Bible” by Dr. Jen Gunter , to illuminate that knowledge that will empower you as a woman in your pleasure and health.

Shame in female sexual education

Dr. Gunter points out the great lack of knowledge about female sexuality, even in the medical field, where training on these topics is often deficient. This has led to female sexual conditions being minimized or ignored, perpetuating sexual dissatisfaction as a “normality.”

Clitoris: The star of female pleasure

The clitoris, essential in female sexuality, is an organ evolved for pleasure. Although there are women who reach orgasm through the stimulation of other erogenous zones, the majority find their greatest source of pleasure in the clitoris.

the clitoris

Clitoral sensitivity and diversity in stimulation

Given its high nerve density, the clitoral glans may be too sensitive for some, opening up a range of possibilities for indirect and creative stimulation.

What happens during sexual arousal?

With arousal, physical changes occur in the vagina and vulva: the clitoris enlarges, the vulva swells, and the vagina becomes lubricated. The female orgasm, characterized by rhythmic contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, varies in duration and frequency, but always culminates in a feeling of well-being.

Ideal intercourse duration and G-spot myths

Research suggests that the ideal duration of intercourse ranges from 3 to 7 minutes. As for the G-spot, Gunter clarifies that more than a specific point, it is an area that includes the clitoris and the urethra, demystifying the idea of ​​a pure vaginal orgasm.

Female orgasm: A path of pleasure and discovery

The female orgasm, an experience shared on similar terms by men and women, demonstrates that pleasure is not exclusive to one gender. Clitoral stimulation, whether direct or indirect, is key to female sexual pleasure.

the female orgasm

A call to exploration and knowledge

We invite our readers to explore more about these fascinating discoveries in “The Vagina Bible” by Dr. Jen Gunter . Share your thoughts with us and discover how much there is to learn about female pleasure.

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