Periods can be an uncomfortable and painful time for many of us. Therefore, it is important to wear outfits during your period that make you feel comfortable and flattering.

Below, we present the best looks so that when you wear them you are in a good mood during your menstruation , and tips to dress with style and comfort on those difficult days.

Outfit during your period

1. Leggings and oversized sweater

Outfit during your period

Comfortable and pressure-free leggings

One of the main problems during menstruation is inflammation and pain in the abdomen. To avoid feeling uncomfortable, opt for leggings with an elastic waist that do not put pressure on your belly. Leggings are an excellent outfit option during menstruation, as they are comfortable, versatile and easily adapt to different styles. In addition, they allow you to do sports activities when you are on your days .

Oversized sweater for greater comfort

Pair your leggings with an oversized wool or cotton sweater to stay warm and comfortable. Oversized sweaters are ideal for those days when you feel bloated or in pain, since they do not fit the body and allow you to move easily. You can choose sweaters in neutral colors or with discreet prints for a casual and relaxed look.

2. Straight and comfortable dress

Outfits during your period

Loose dresses for greater freedom

Straight and loose dresses are another excellent outfit option during menstruation. These dresses allow you to move comfortably and do not constrict the body, which is ideal for those days when you feel bloated or in pain. Opt for cotton, wool or knit dresses, depending on the season and your personal preferences.

Dark clothes to hide possible stains

Whenever you can, choose dresses in dark colors to hide possible stains or leaks during your period. Dark colors such as black, navy blue or dark gray are safe and versatile options that will allow you to feel more confident during those difficult days.

3. Skirts with elastic and loose blouse or sweater

Outfits during your period

Comfortable and pressure-free skirts

Skirts with an elastic waist are a great option to combine comfort and style during your period. You can choose cotton, knit or even long or pleated skirts for a comfortable and chic look. Combined with loose wool sweaters or loose blouses, you will achieve an ideal outfit for those difficult days.

4. Jeggings and T-shirt with an unbuttoned shirt

outfits during your period

Jeggings for comfort

Another practical and comfortable option during menstruation are jeggings. These garments combine the comfort of leggings with the look of jeans, allowing you to wear a casual and stylish look without sacrificing comfort. Be sure to choose jeggings with an elastic waist to avoid putting pressure on your belly.

Shirt unbuttoned for greater ease

Pair your jeggings with a basic T-shirt and an unbuttoned plaid shirt for a relaxed, modern look. You can tie the shirt around your waist to give an urban and casual touch to your outfit. With sports shoes or sneakers, you will be comfortable and stylish during your period.

5. Sweatpants for a casual and comfortable look

outfits during your period

Take advantage of the sweatpants trend

Sweatpants with two stripes on the sides of the legs are trendy and are a comfortable and stylish option to wear during your period. Combine them with a white shirt and a blazer for a casual and elegant look for the office. You can also choose to combine them with a denim jacket for a more relaxed style.

6. Kimono for a comfortable and stylish look

outfits during your period

Kimonos for comfort and style

Kimonos are very comfortable and versatile garments that can be ideal to wear during menstruation. You can combine a kimono with basic clothing and achieve a stylized look that hides inflammation. Opt for kimonos with colorful prints or original designs to give a touch of personality to your outfit.

7. Long sweaters and leggings for a comfortable and confident look

outfits during your period

Long sweaters for more coverage

Long sweaters are ideal to combine with leggings during your period, as they provide coverage and security in the lower part of the body. Choose wool or cotton sweaters in neutral colors or with subtle prints for a casual and comfortable look.

Leggings to keep everything in place

Leggings are a great option to wear during menstruation as they keep everything in place and provide comfort and security. Pair your leggings with long sweaters or loose blouses for a comfortable and stylish look on those tough days.

8. Pants with elastic waist for greater comfort

outfits during your period

Comfortable and pressure-free pants

Pants with elastic waists are an excellent option to wear during menstruation, as they offer comfort and do not put pressure on the belly. Opt for cotton, linen or knit pants in dark colors for a comfortable and confident look on those complicated days.

9. Jeans at the waist for greater security

outfits during your period

Jeans that provide protection and style

High-waisted jeans are ideal to wear during menstruation, as they provide protection and security in the lower part of the body. In addition, this type of jeans is flattering and stylized, which will allow you to show off a casual and chic look on those difficult days. Combine your high-waisted jeans with loose blouses or loose sweaters for a comfortable and stylish outfit.

10. Additional tips for dressing during menstruation

outfits during your period

Avoid heels and opt for comfortable shoes

During menstruation, it is preferable to avoid high heels as they can aggravate joint pain and cause additional discomfort. Opt for comfortable footwear such as sneakers, boots or flat shoes that allow you to move with ease and comfort.

Use menstrual panties for those days

Choose menstrual panties instead of pads for your period, as they are more comfortable and suitable for those days. The cotton in these panties is a soft and breathable material that will prevent irritation and discomfort in the intimate area.

Choose comfortable, cotton bras

During menstruation, it is preferable to opt for cotton bras without underwires, since the breast is usually more swollen and sensitive on those days. Choose bras that are not too tight and that provide support and comfort.

Make up in a natural and flattering way

Lastly, opt for natural, flattering makeup during your period to look and feel good about yourself. Use concealer to hide dark circles and imperfections, sun powder, blush on your cheeks and mascara to achieve a fresh and radiant look.

With these tips and outfit options during your period, you can face those difficult days with style and comfort.

Remember that the most important thing is to feel good about yourself and take care of your body and well-being during this period.

The magic of accessories as a distraction

If your goal is to divert attention from your abdominal area, we have two clever tactics: add an overshirt to camouflage and accessorize with eye-catching accessories. For example, you can adopt checkerboard pattern boots, a fashionable cap and a bag with a 'vintage' feel that will undoubtedly provoke curious questions among your friends.

A cardigan as a strategic ally

When it comes to covering up certain parts of the body, cardigans are a reliable resource. Opting for an 'oversized' style and adjusting it with knots at different points will create a cheerful and unique outfit while hiding the area that worries you. To ensure comfort, you can combine it with a loose blouse and pajama pants. After all, comfort is paramount.

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Frequent questions

What things should I not do when I have my period?

When you get your period, there are some things you can avoid doing to help you feel more comfortable. Here are some recommendations, such as avoiding excessive consumption of caffeine and salty foods, as they can worsen PMS symptoms and fluid retention; skip meals, because it is important to maintain a balanced and regular diet during the menstrual period to keep your energy levels stable; and obviously avoid tight clothing or garments that may put pressure on the abdominal area, as this can increase discomfort and cramps.

How do I make my period go faster?

It is possible to reduce your period by making love! When a woman has an orgasm, her uterus contracts. The more the uterus contracts, the faster the blood is expelled and the shorter the period. In other words, the lining of the uterus will shed more quickly, allowing you to have a shorter period. To avoid spotting during intercourse, we recommend that you use special positions, such as missionary.

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