Have you ever linked anorexia to changes in your menstrual cycle? Anorexia, an eating disorder characterized by an obsession with weight loss and extreme denial of the need to eat, can have a significant impact on the menstrual cycle. Although the relationship between anorexia and menstruation is rarely discussed, it is a crucial topic in sexual education and women's health.

Understanding anorexia: more than an eating disorder

Anorexia is not just about wanting to lose weight; It is a constant struggle with food and with oneself. It is seeing weight gain as an enemy, despite the serious health consequences. In Latin America, anorexia has grown alarmingly, and its effects are more profound and harmful than in other parts of the world. The pressure to look a certain body type and the media bombardment are just some of the reasons behind this disorder.

anorexia is just wanting to lose weight

Did you know that anorexia can throw your menstrual cycle out of control?

Anorexia can alter the menstrual cycle in several ways. Improper nutrition and extreme weight loss can disrupt the production of hormones essential for the menstrual cycle, leading to no menstruation or irregular cycles. Additionally, anorexia can cause iron deficiency anemia and bone loss, affecting fertility and pregnancy.

Leucorrhoea and anorexia: a connection

Leucorrhoea, a phenomenon related to excessive vaginal moisture, may be an indication of anorexia. This condition has different types, such as white, yellow, red, violet and yellow-green leucorrhoea, each with particular symptoms and signs.

Tips for managing menstruation with anorexia

If you suffer from anorexia and are menstruating, it is crucial to take care of yourself. Prioritize proper nutrition, choose safe menstrual products like menstrual panties , and practice relaxation techniques. Additionally, it is vital to consult with a doctor to address any issues related to menstruation or reproductive health in general.

Supporting loved ones with anorexia during menstruation

support makes a difference

If you know someone with anorexia, your support can make a difference. Make sure she has access to appropriate, quality menstrual products . Listen to their concerns and provide your emotional support. Help her maintain adequate hydration and consume nutritious foods. And remember, gentle exercise can be beneficial, but always with care and attention to your physical needs.

Your voice is important in this conversation about menstruation in anorexia

Talking openly about anorexia and menstruation is essential. Sharing experiences and knowledge helps us better understand these issues and support each other in our challenges. Do you have any experience or advice you want to share? Your voice is important in this conversation.

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