Hello community! Today we delve into a fascinating and somewhat revolutionary topic within the world of menstrual health: free bleeding. In this era of environmental awareness and search for authenticity, free bleeding emerges as a practice that invites us to rethink our relationship with menstruation and question established norms.

What is Free Bleeding?

Free bleeding is a practice of managing the menstrual period without the use of conventional sanitary products, such as tampons, sanitary pads, or even menstrual cups. Instead, practitioners learn to tune into their body's rhythms, releasing menstrual flow directly into the toilet during the day. This ancient practice, which has gained attention in recent years, challenges the traditional perception of menstruation and promotes a more ecological approach that is connected to our body.

The history of the free bleeding movement is rich and varied, gaining prominence in contemporary society around 2010. A key moment was in 2015, when Kiran Gandhi ran the London Marathon without using menstrual hygiene products, highlighting the naturalness of menstruation and challenging the stigma surrounding it. Since then, the debate around free bleeding has flourished, paving the way for broader discussions about sustainability, menstrual health, and bodily autonomy.

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Benefits and Motivations

Proponents of free bleeding highlight multiple benefits: from a deeper connection with one's cycle to reduced waste and exposure to chemicals. Furthermore, this practice aligns with the fight against menstrual poverty, offering an alternative for those looking for more accessible and environmentally friendly options.

How to Practice Free Bleeding

Getting started with free bleeding may seem challenging, but with patience and observation, it is possible to learn to manage it effectively. Here are some tips to get you started in this practice:

  1. Know Your Cycle : Familiarize yourself with the length, flow and patterns of your menstrual cycle.
  2. Observe and Learn : Pay attention to your body's signals to identify the moments when you need to release the flow.
  3. Prepare yourself : Make sure you have frequent access to a bathroom during your menstruating days.
  4. Try at Home : Start by practicing free bleeding in the comfort of your home or on days when you can handle any unforeseen events with ease.
practice free bleeding at home

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Reading Recommendation : For those interested in delving deeper into the topic of free bleeding and looking for a comprehensive guide that covers the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of menstruation, the book "Free Vaginas" by Leticia Chamorro is an excellent choice. This practical guide offers exercises, activities and monthly challenges designed to help you connect with your period in a holistic way.

Important Considerations Before Opting for Free Bleeding

Before diving into the world of free bleeding, it's crucial to consider several factors to determine if this practice is right for you:

  • Lifestyle : Your daily routine is a fundamental aspect to consider. Do you have easy and frequent access to private bathrooms throughout the day? Your ability to practice free bleeding may depend on it.
  • Menstrual Flow : The intensity of your menstrual flow also plays an important role. People with a lighter flow may find free bleeding more manageable than those with heavy flows.
  • Vaginal Health : It is vital to take into account your general vaginal health. Free bleeding may not be recommended for people with certain medical conditions.

Opinions and Experiences with Free Bleeding

Experiences with free bleeding vary widely. Some people report feeling more connected to their bodies and appreciate the freedom of not using menstrual products. However, others encounter challenges, especially when starting out. Listening to those who have practiced free bleeding can give you a clearer picture of what it might mean for you.


Free bleeding offers an interesting and natural alternative to menstrual management, although it is not for everyone. Choosing how to manage your period is deeply personal and should align with your lifestyle, comfort, and health needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Free Bleeding

Is free bleeding hygienic?

Yes, free bleeding is a hygienic practice as long as you maintain regular access to sanitary facilities to clean yourself as needed.

Can I practice free bleeding with a heavy menstrual flow?

It is possible, although it may require greater attention and frequency in managing your flow. Listening to your body is key.

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