Más Allá del Tejido: Cómo la Moda Transforma el Empoderamiento y la Expresión de Género

Beyond Fabric: How Fashion Transforms Gender Empowerment and Expression

Immerse yourself in a gripping exploration of how fashion transcends its basic protective function to become a powerful tool of personal expression, empowerment and social change.
estres, carga extra mental en las mujeres

The Voice of the Silence in Women's Emotional Health

Learn how implementing effective strategies to alleviate this burden is crucial not only for the individual well-being of women, but also for strengthening our relationships.
equilibrio entre trabajo y vida personal

Towards a Work-Life Balance: The Path to Women's Wellbeing

Discover key strategies to achieve a balance between work and personal life, improving your overall well-being. Learn to set priorities, say no, manage your time effectively, and take care of your health for a fuller and more satisfying life. Start your path to perfect balance today!

libros y podcast para mujeres empoderadas

Empowerment and Balance: Podcasts and Books for the Modern Woman

Discover how to achieve work-life balance through inspiring reads and podcasts recommended for women. Explore key female empowerment strategies and tips to improve your well-being, productivity and personal development.
pobreza menstrual

Towards a Comprehensive Understanding of Menstrual Poverty

Learn about the multiple dimensions of period poverty, a global challenge that goes beyond the economy to touch on aspects of health, education and dignity.
feminidad en la historia

Femininity through history: A cultural and social evolution

Delve into a deep analysis of femininity through the ages: from traditional roles to the modern fight for gender equality. A journey through history, culture and society to understand how female identity has been shaped.
Importancia del Permiso Menstrual

The Importance of Menstrual Leave in the Work Environment

Absence from work due to menstrual symptoms, an underrecognized challenge, affects the productivity and well-being of many women. This article explores the emerging need to normalize menstrual leave in the...
De Río a Europa: Cambiando las Narrativas sobre la Salud Menstrual

From Rio to Europe: Changing Narratives about Menstrual Health

Menstruation, a phenomenon relegated to silence, faces inherent inequalities. From athletes' openness to the 'buffer rate' debate in Europe, it's time to eradicate stigmas and challenge cultural and economic norms.
La pionera afro que transformó las toallas sanitarias.

The Afro pioneer who transformed sanitary towels.

The contributions of women, like Mary Kenner, are often overshadowed. Kenner, with innovative inventions, faced gender barriers and racism on her way to recognition.
Nueve datos curiosos sobre la menstruación

Nine curious facts about menstruation

Menstruation has been an enigma for many cultures. From "menarche" rituals to ancient tampons in Egypt and the surprising discovery of stem cells in menstrual flow, history and science are intertwined in this female phenomenon.
Desmitificando la menstruación

10 things everyone should know about menstruation

Demystifying menstruation: ancient myths, PMS and more!
prejuicios de género

What are gender biases and how do they affect men and women? Most common examples

Eradicating gender prejudices is important because they perpetuate discrimination, inequality and violence against people based on their gender. See how it affects us all equally
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Red Moon Girls Review
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Red Moon Girls Review
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