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The Organic Cotton Menstrual Pantie

Main Features:

  • Composition: 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane.

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  • Absorption: High capacity of up to 30ml, equivalent to 6 tampons.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Maria de los Angeles Rodriguez Rojas
Excelente pantie

He probado otros panties menstruales, pero los de Luna roja y la referencia Juno ha sido la mejor, la talla fue la indicada siguiendo las recomendaciones de la publicación, el estilo muy cómodo y la capacidad de absorción excelentes para mis necesidades. Compraré otras referencias porque me ha encantado.

Jackeline Cruz
Encantada con juno

Además de gustarme su nombre, los panties son 10/10 cómodos, ajustados, no se marcan y su absorción es perfecta.
Gracias por estos productos que hacen más fácil nuestra intimidad y nuestro período con flujo abundante.

Laura Vanesa Rojas
Me sorprendieron

Dude un poco al principio pero sin duda valió la pena, son suaves y cómodos, de verdad si se siente la diferencia, no puedo dejar de recomendarlas, me encantaron.

Sandra Rojas

Los he tenido por dos meses y me encantan. Son suaves y cómodos. la primera vez que me los puse me dio un poco de miedo, pero comprobé que si son muy seguros.

All About Our Period Panties

Where are the panties shipped from and how long do they take to arrive?

United States and Canada:

  • Ships from Montreal, Canada .
  • Delivery time to the United States: 4-6 business days .
  • Delivery time to Canada: 2-5 business days .
  • A tracking number will be sent to your email address so you can track your order.


  • Shipments from Medellín, Colombia .
  • Delivery time: 1-3 business days .
  • You will receive a tracking number by email to track your order.
How do I wash my menstrual panties?

To ensure your menstrual panties are properly cleaned and maintain their longevity, follow these steps:

  • Hand Wash : Start by washing the panties by hand to remove most of the blood.
  • Machine Wash : After washing them by hand, put them in the washing machine. Use cold water to prevent stains from setting.
  • Air Drying : Let them air dry. Avoid using the dryer, as it can compromise the fabric and its absorbency.
  • Avoid Certain Products : Do not use bleach, white vinegar, or soda crystals as they can damage the technical fabric of the pants. However, if you encounter stubborn stains, you can occasionally use a little baking soda.

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What is a menstrual pantie? How does it work?

Luna Roja menstrual panties, designed to absorb not only menstrual flow but also occasional secretions and urine leaks, offer you comfort without worrying about leaks or odors. Here's how:

  • Hypoallergenic Cotton Top Layer: In direct contact with your skin, this cotton takes care of the natural pH of your vagina while directing the flow downward, ensuring a dry and comfortable feeling.
  • Absorbent Core: An effective combination of bamboo, cotton and polyester microfiber works together to absorb and retain flow, offering antibacterial protection against odors, suitable for all day and night.
  • Waterproof and Breathable TPU Layer: This thin membrane seals in security, preventing any type of leak, while allowing the evaporation of water present in the blood, thanks to body heat, ensuring a humidity-free experience.

To learn more about its technology and benefits, we invite you to visit our detailed explanation page on " how it works ".

How long do Luna Roja menstrual panties last?

Luna Roja menstrual panties are designed to last between 3 to 5 years , thanks to the selection of high-quality fabrics that provide absorbent and antibacterial properties without a specific expiration date in terms of effectiveness.

This durability depends on your care and how many alternations in your cycle.

Although, like any item of clothing, they will wear out over time.

By following these practices, you can ensure greater longevity:

  • Proper washing : Avoid the use of softeners and bleaches that can degrade the materials.
  • Air drying : Excessive heat from the dryer can affect the elasticity and integrity of the fabric.
  • Correct storage : Store your panties in a cool, dry place to avoid damage from moisture or heat.

Check out our maintenance guide for more details and tips on how to care for your Luna Roja menstrual panties and keep them looking new for years.

Can I wear menstrual panties all day?

Yes, you can wear our period panties comfortably all day long.

They are designed to offer you up to 12-14 hours of protection, depending on your flow.

If your flow is intense and you feel that the pantie is becoming saturated, we recommend changing it to maintain hygiene.

It's important to listen to your body and change your pants when you need to, especially if you experience a very heavy flow.

Remember, maintaining good hygiene is key to your comfort and health.

For more details on the use and care of our absorbent panties, visit our ' How it works ' page.

How much can I save by switching to period panties?

By using menstrual panties, you are not only choosing a more environmentally friendly, healthy and comfortable option, but you can also save money in the long run.

Although the initial investment is higher compared to tampons or sanitary pads, keep in mind that menstrual panties last several years with proper care.

This means that, in the following years, you will be saving 5 times the amount you usually spend on menstrual hygiene.

By making the switch, you are not only benefiting your wallet in the long term, but you are also contributing to a more sustainable world.


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Greenhouse gas emissions are one of the main factors of global warming.

agua, impacto sobre el medio ambiante, USA


The use of fresh water leads to the proliferation of algae that suffocate the fresh water.

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The use of menstrual panties helps reduce the impact of waste since it is equivalent to 50 times less than the use of tampons.


More information about our menstrual lingerie brand.

Welcome to Luna Roja, your dedicated destination for menstrual panties designed with precision, care and a touch of love. Established with a mission to revolutionize the feminine hygiene industry, we embarked on our journey to create a world where every menstruating individual experiences comfort, dignity and freedom during their menstrual cycle.


5 arguments to take the leap

Ecological and Sustainable:

Luna Roja menstrual panties are made with high quality ecological materials, thus contributing to the conservation of the environment. By opting for our panties, you not only reduce waste, but also support a more sustainable and responsible lifestyle. Plus, by buying 6 panties and using them instead of pads or tampons for 3 years, you will generate 50 times less waste.


Although the initial investment in our panties may be higher, they turn out to be extremely profitable in the long term. Menstrual panties are reusable and with proper care, can last up to 4 years. In comparison, the cost of a year's worth of pads or tampons is roughly 216,000, while the cost of 3 of our panties is approximately 180,000. Plus, you could save even more money on stained sheets since our panties offer superior leak protection.

Comfort and Confidence:

Our panties are designed to provide maximum comfort, allowing users to move freely without the discomfort that can accompany traditional menstrual products. This convenience leads to greater confidence during periods, as users can continue with their day without worrying about leaks or discomfort.

Innovative Design and High Absorption:

Luna Roja panties, with their innovative design, guarantee optimal absorption and effective protection against leaks, offering peace of mind at all times. They are made with multiple layers of absorbency that retain and are made of microfiber, which is antimicrobial, adding a waterproof layer that protects against leaks. These features make them suitable for a variety of needs and preferences, and their exceptional absorbency makes them a reliable choice during the night, during workouts, and throughout the day.

Promotes Open Conversation and Empowerment:

By choosing Luna Roja, customers are not just purchasing a product; They are joining a movement. Luna Roja encourages open conversation about menstruation and seeks to empower people by breaking taboos around periods. Being part of this community promotes education and inclusivity in menstrual health, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support.

Our story
began with a simple realization: that the monthly cycle, a natural and essential part of life for half of the world's population, often comes with discomfort and stigma. It was this realization that inspired us to develop a product that not only addresses the functional needs of menstruating people, but also fosters a sense of confidence and self-acceptance.

At Luna Roja, we believe in mixing functionality with sustainability. Our menstrual panties are made with the best ecological materials, ensuring breathability, optimal absorption and a minimal environmental footprint. Our designs are the result of extensive research and feedback from real users, ensuring that each pair meets various needs and preferences.

Community and Conversation

Beyond offering innovative products, we aim to cultivate a community where conversations about menstruation are normalized and menstrual health is prioritized. We are motivated by a vision of a world where no one feels limited by their biology and every person has the knowledge and resources to manage their menstrual health effectively.

Your Feedback Matters

Your experience and feedback are the cornerstone of our continuous improvement. We are eager to hear your thoughts, understand your needs and implement your suggestions. We are not just selling menstrual panties; we are co-creating a movement towards menstrual empowerment and inclusivity, with you.

Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unwavering. We meticulously test our products and value the voices of our community, allowing us to constantly evolve and refine our offerings. We are proud to deliver products that are a beacon of reliability and comfort during your menstrual cycle.

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards redefining menstrual experiences and breaking down the barriers around them. Together, let us create a world where every person lives unapologetically – free from judgment, doubt and discomfort, empowered to embrace their true selves.

Welcome to Luna Roja where comfort meets empowerment.