Hello, girls! Today we are going to dive into a crucial topic in our sexual lives: condoms.

Male Condoms: The Basics

Male condoms, those latex (or other materials such as polyurethane or sheepskin) guardians for the penis or sex toys. Although it should be noted that those made of sheepskin do not protect against STIs, due to the pores that allow viruses to pass through. For their part, latex ones stand out for their elasticity and fit, optimizing disease prevention.

Although it is difficult to put an exact figure on its effectiveness against STIs, it is clear that its correct and constant use significantly reduces the transmission of these infections. But be careful, herpes and HPV can attack areas beyond the reach of the condom.

Syphilis, Hepatitis B and More: How Much Do They Protect?

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Data is scarce for diseases such as syphilis and hepatitis B among women, but it is crucial to remember that pubic lice do not take condoms into account for transmission.

If you experience irritation or think that condoms cause infections, it's time to update your information and understand the real benefits for your vaginal health.

Natural Condoms: The Safest Option?

Despite the hype, the real concern behind conventional condoms is nitrosamine. But don't worry, the exposure is minimal and does not justify the jump to "natural" options. Recent studies show that many leading brands do not contain detectable levels of nitrosamines.

Correct Use of Condoms: Essential for Active Women

Knowing how to handle a male condom is essential. Although the failure rate is low when used properly, in reality things may be different. Therefore, having your own condoms and lubricant gives you control and security.

Female Condoms: Myth or Reality?

Yes, they are real! And they're great for women looking for control over their sexual protection. Learning to use them may take practice, but they are worth it for the safety and convenience they offer.

Oral Barriers: Protection in Oral Sex

Although less known, oral dams are essential to protect yourself during oral sex. Their use is still limited, but they are easy to find online or in sex shops.

In summary

Condoms are a fundamental tool for our sexual health. There are various options for all needs and situations. It's time to talk openly about them and make sure we always have this method of protection on hand. Enjoy sex safely and responsibly!

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