The birth of a baby is a monumental event, marked by significant changes in a woman's body, particularly in vaginal and perineal health. Although these changes are often underestimated, understanding them is vital for a healthy postpartum recovery. Inspired by " The Vagina Bible " by renowned gynecologist Jen Gunter, we explore the physical and emotional aspects women face after childbirth.

postpartum: after childbirth

Postpartum perineal trauma: Understanding the changes

Perineal trauma, both tears and episiotomies, are common after vaginal birth or cesarean section. These events are a normal part of the birth process, where the tissues in the intimate area dilate, sometimes tear, and then heal.

Classification of perineal wounds:

  1. First degree: Affects only the vaginal mucosa and the skin of the vulva.
  2. Second degree: Involves muscles and varies in size.
  3. Third degree: Involves the rectal sphincter.
  4. Fourth degree: Extends to the rectum.

Prevention and management of postpartum pain

To reduce the risk of tears, perineal massage from 34-35 weeks is recommended. Additionally, warm compresses and certain positions during labor can be beneficial. In case of a severe tear, surgical intervention with antibiotics may be necessary.

Essential postpartum care for recovery

After childbirth, it is common to experience pain and swelling. Pain management is crucial to a healthy recovery. Recommendations include:

  • Ice compresses and sitz baths: To reduce swelling and relieve pain.
  • Medication: Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are safe during breastfeeding.
  • Hemorrhoid care: Use of astringents and topical corticosteroids.

Absorbent panties: An innovative solution for the postpartum

During postpartum recovery, maintaining comfort and hygiene in the vaginal area is essential. This is where absorbent pants come in as an ideal solution. Specifically designed to fit the needs of new mothers, these panties offer:

  • Protection against irritations and infections: Made with materials that reduce the risk of irritations and promote a healthy environment for the vagina.
  • C omfort and peace of mind: Its absorbent capacity allows you to manage postpartum flow effectively, providing comfort and security during this crucial period.
  • Ease of use: Ideal for the postpartum stage, these panties are practical and easy to use, allowing mothers to focus on their recovery and caring for their baby.

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Conclusion: Your postpartum vaginal health is important

care of your vulva in the postpartum

Understanding what happens after childbirth is essential for any new mother. Having the right information and taking proper care of yourself not only makes this period more bearable, but also ensures a safe and healthy start for both you and your little one. I would love to hear your stories and advice about this important phase of motherhood, share your experiences in the comments!

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