Women's health has been under the yoke of myths and misinformation, especially when it comes to vaginal cleansing. The narrative that the vagina needs to be “cleansed” to be acceptable is a relic of misogyny and misinformation that still exists. But what is the reality behind these practices and why should you reconsider them?

What is Intravaginal Cleansing?

Intravaginal cleansing refers to any practice that attempts to "cleanse" the inside of the vagina, whether through douching, wipes, suppositories, or even steam baths. These practices, far from being beneficial, can disturb the natural balance of the vagina, eliminating beneficial bacteria and altering its optimal pH.

Douching, the most common form of intravaginal cleansing, uses "medicinal" solutions to wash the inside of the vagina. Despite its popularity in certain circles, the medical evidence is clear: douching can increase the risk of bacterial infections, fertility problems, and sexually transmitted diseases.

The Vaginal Cleansing Industry and the Shame Trade

feminine hygiene trade

In the modern era, vaginal cleansing has been capitalized on by the feminine hygiene industry, promoting products ranging from gels and wipes to sprays and vaginal steam baths, all under the premise of a need for "cleanliness" to achieve a false notion of purity or freshness.

These practices, in addition to being unnecessary, can be harmful, causing irritation, alterations in pH balance, and even contributing to a greater risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. The promotion of these products plays with shame and ignorance, generating a cycle of consumption and harm instead of health and well-being.

The Truth About Vaginal Care

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ that maintains its health through a delicate balance of bacteria and a specific pH. Intervening in this natural process with intravaginal cleansing practices is not only unnecessary but potentially harmful.

True vaginal hygiene focuses on external care, using water and, if desired, mild soap. It is time to abandon the myths and embrace care based on respect for our body and current medical science.

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This article is a call to action for all women to educate themselves, question harmful practices, and advocate for intimate care that celebrates the self-regulating nature of our bodies. Together, we can dismantle myths and cultivate an environment of health, respect and female empowerment.

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