Demystifying the First Menstruation

At Luna Roja, we firmly believe that menstruation should not be a taboo, much less a barrier to living fully, regardless of age. This article is designed especially for those young women who are about to experience their first menstruations, offering practical advice to manage this new change with confidence and comfort.

Modern Alternatives to Tampons and Sanitary Pads

Disadvantages of Traditional Methods

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Traditionally, young women who begin menstruating have two options: tampons or sanitary pads. However, both methods have significant disadvantages:

Sanitary Pads : Although they may seem like the most accessible option for first-timers, sanitary pads can cause irritation due to friction and, in some cases, allergic reactions in up to 30% of women. Furthermore, in hot climates, they can generate unpleasant odors and be uncomfortable if there is no suitable place to dispose of them.

Tampons: Despite being a popular option, tampons are not ideal for everyone. Their use can generate anxiety, fear and pain, especially because they can be difficult to insert and remove for younger women.

Menstrual Panties: The Modern Alternative

Luna Roja offers an innovative and safe solution: menstrual panties. These garments are not only practical but also comfortable, designed to fit the needs of teenage girls without compromising their active lifestyle.

Benefits of Menstrual Panties for Teenagers

  1. Comfort and Safety: Menstrual culottes are easy to use and offer protection without the risk of irritation or allergies.
  2. Discretion and Effectiveness: Designed to be undetectable under clothing, these culottes provide absorption equivalent to two tampons, making them ideal for worry-free daily use.
  3. Adaptability and Style: Available in various styles and sizes, they fit perfectly to any body and personal preference.

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Why Choose Menstrual Panties in Adolescence?

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Disadvantages of Traditional Methods

Before the arrival of menstrual panties, young women only had tampons and sanitary pads as options, which are not only uncomfortable but can also cause irritation and allergies in a high percentage of cases. Additionally, they are less practical during daily activities and in hot weather, due to odors and the difficulty in properly disposing of them.

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Advantages of the Luna Roja Menstrual pantie for teenagers

  • All Day Comfort: The pantie allows you to continue with your daily routine without worries. Designed to offer up to 12 hours of protection, you can forget about changing tampons or pads during the day.
  • Safety and Protection: With the absorption capacity equivalent to two tampons, this garment is perfect for wearing to school, extracurricular activities, and more, without the risk of leaks or odors.
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance: At the end of the day, you only need to rinse the pantie under cold water and wash it at 30°C in the washing machine, inside a washing bag to protect its fibers. You can also opt for a quick and efficient hand wash. To learn more about caring for menstrual panties , click here .

Style and Sustainability: Two Pillars of panties for teenagers

Ecodesign and Environmental Commitment

Committed to the environment, at Luna Roja we use sustainable materials without harmful chemicals. By choosing our calzone, you not only take care of your body, but also the planet, reducing the amount of waste from conventional menstrual products. To learn more details about the positive impact of Luna Roja menstrual panties , click here

Aesthetics and Variety

We understand that adolescence is a stage where self-image is fundamental. That's why our panties are not only functional but also beautiful. Available in black and coral colors with chic details such as the gold trim on the elastic, they ensure that you feel attractive and fashionable.

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Conclusion: Freedom and Confidence During Your Menstruation

The Luna Roja menstrual pantie is here to change how you live your menstruation days. Forget about worries and live every moment of your youth to the fullest with the security and style that our innovative garment offers you. Explore more about how to manage your first periods with style and confidence by visiting our blog.

Join the Luna Roja revolution and live your most important days with total freedom!

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