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¿Por qué Utilizar Calzones Absorbentes en la Menopausia?

Explora cómo los calzones absorbentes, como los panties menstruales, pueden aliviar los incómodos síntomas de la menopausia como sequedad vaginal, sensibilidad en la piel e irregularidades menstruales. ¡Disfruta de una menopausia más cómoda y segura!
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¿Por qué utilizar panties menstruales para hacer deporte?

Olvídate de las incomodidades de la menstruación durante tus entrenamientos. Las panties menstruales son la solución perfecta para disfrutar de tu actividad física sin preocupaciones. Absorción efectiva, sensación de frescura, control total del flujo y una opción ecológica.

Primeras Menstruaciones: Alternativas Seguras para Adolescentes

First Menstruations: Safe Alternatives for Teens

At Luna Roja, we transform the experience of first menstruations by offering safe and comfortable options. Our teen menstrual panty is designed to provide up to 12 hours of leak- and odor-free protection, allowing teens to live their days normally and confidently.
Menstruación Sostenible: Descubre las panties Menstruales

Sustainable Menstruation: Discover Menstrual panties

Discover a revolution in menstruation management with menstrual panties. These innovative garments not only offer comfort and protection during your cycle, but are also a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative. Made with absorbent fabrics, they are a healthy option that eliminates the need for disposable products, helping to reduce both expenses and environmental impact. Plus, with proper care, these panties can last 3-5 years. It's time to change the rules and opt for an option that benefits both your well-being and the planet!
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The Rise of Menstrual Panties

Exploring the menstrual panty revolution: from its innovation and historical evolution to the impact of advertising on our menstrual perception
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Bikini-type menstrual panties Do you dare?

The 20 ml bikini-type menstrual panties are an alternative to sanitary pads that you should not miss trying so that you can feel the difference thanks to their high technology, comfort and freshness
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Discover the revolution of the 5 ml absorbent menstrual thong: Comfort protection in a discreet design

If you don't want to stop showing off your best outfit during your days, we have a discreet design for you that can be summed up in a menstrual thong that offers you security and comfort to prevent leaks and make you feel sexy. See here what it is about
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Organic cotton menstrual panties, a new concept of freedom

Technology advances and we cannot be left behind, so we present here an innovative option so that your menstruation is not so uncomfortable.
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What is the Boy Short menstrual panty about?

If you are looking for a menstrual pantie in which you feel safe, our Boy Short is the best one for you; here you will find everything you need to know about her
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Do you already know the Full CoverType Menstrual Panties?

Our Full CoverType menstrual panties are an option for those women who want to feel comfortable on those days, so we tell you everything you want to know about them here, from prices to where to buy them
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Do menstrual panties absorb period odor? How should they take care of themselves?

When we talk about the eco-friendly era, menstrual panties cannot be missing, since they provide you with everything you need for your menstruation, but without contaminating our planet. Find out more about them in this article
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How to choose between menstrual panties, sanitary pads or a menstrual cup?

As time goes by, we are more comfortable when we have our period thanks to the innovations that fill the market. We will tell you about the most popular alternatives that exist so that you can make the best decision.
Red Moon Girls Review
Red Moon Girls Review
I saw these pantyhose on my cousin a few weeks ago, I thought they were so cool that I bought them to see what they were like. They were so good that I started using them to go out, not a single drop escaped me. They are really cool. I recommend them 100%.
— Diana Gomez
Red Moon Girls Review
I've had them for two months and I love them. They are soft and comfortable. The first time I put them on I was a little scared, but I found that they are very safe.
— Sandra Rojas