Have you thought about whether men should be informed about menstruation? Although at first glance it may seem unnecessary, there are fundamental reasons to include them in this conversation.

Reason 1: Promote empathy towards women

Many men support women during their menstrual cycle, but there is still a large majority who minimize its impact. Ignorance about menstruation perpetuates myths and stereotypes, which can lead to discrimination and negatively affect romantic relationships. Comprehensive education on menstrual issues can foster greater empathy and understanding.

Reason 2: Teamwork in family planning

Menstruation is an essential part of the reproductive process. Discussing these topics with your partner is key, especially when it comes to making decisions about offspring. Working as a team from the beginning facilitates stages such as pregnancy and baby care, although always remembering that the final decision about your body is yours.

Reason 3: Promote respect and sexual education

Educating our children in aspects of female anatomy and experience is vital. It helps them make more informed decisions about their sexuality and respect the role of both genders in reproduction. This may lead to greater involvement of men in family planning and child care.


Reason 4: Build a more respectful society

Understanding the differences and similarities between men and women can reduce myths and erroneous beliefs. This is crucial to reduce labor, social and cultural discrimination against women, promoting a public space of respect, tolerance and collaboration.

We invite you to share your additional thoughts and reasons. Why do you think it is important to talk to men about menstruation? Tell us your opinion!

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