Forget Tampons on the Beach

Have you ever found yourself on the beach, surprised by your period and without access to a bathroom to insert a tampon? You are not alone. This is a common dilemma for many women, but there are innovative solutions that can change the way you experience your beach days during menstruation.

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Innovation in Menstrual Swimsuits

Explore how Luna Roja menstrual swim dresses transform the experience of swimming during menstruation, offering a safe and comfortable alternative to tampons and sanitary pads. Dare to enjoy water without limits, even in your days.

Who Can Wear Menstrual Swimsuits?

Versatility and Convenience

Luna Roja menstrual swimsuits are ideal for those days of light menstruation or when you experience spotting. Perfect for the beginning or end of your period, they allow you to maintain your active lifestyle without worries.

Inadvisable Moments for the Menstrual Swimsuit

Although these swimsuits are incredibly useful, caution is advised if you have a very heavy menstrual flow. On those days, it may be beneficial to supplement with a menstrual cup to ensure full protection against leaks.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Menstrual Swimsuits

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Can I Really Swim with This?

Absolutely! Luna Roja menstrual swim dresses are designed to resist sea water, pools and lakes. However, it is advisable to avoid the jacuzzi frequently, as it could accelerate the wear of the material.

Absorption Technology: Discretion and Efficiency

Each swimsuit includes three ultra-thin layers that work together to absorb menstrual flow, keeping you dry and comfortable. The waterproof layer ensures that there will be no leaks, allowing you to move freely.

Durability and Maintenance of the Menstrual Swimsuit

How Long Can I Wear the Swimsuit?

Depending on your flow, our menstrual swimsuits can offer protection equivalent to one or two tampons. This means that you could wear the swimsuit for an entire day at the beach without changing it, as long as the flow is light.

Absorbent Component Visibility

Don't worry, the design is so subtle that no one will notice that you are wearing a menstrual swimsuit. Although it is thin, it is extremely efficient in absorption and discretion.

Use and Post-Bathing Care

Menstrual Absorbent Bath Gown Care

Do I need to change my swimsuit after swimming?

It is not necessary to change your swimsuit immediately after swimming. You can continue enjoying your water activities. Just make sure you wash it properly at the end of the day.

Should I Use Additional Protection?

While the Luna Roja menstrual swimsuit is effective on its own for light flows, those experiencing heavier menstruations may choose to use additional internal protection as a precaution.

How to Wash Your Menstrual Swimsuit ?

To ensure that your Red Moon menstrual swimsuit remains in perfect condition, it is crucial to follow a proper cleaning process. After use, rinse it with cold water to remove any chlorine, salt or sand residue. This process helps preserve absorbent capabilities and keep the fabric in optimal condition.

Tips for Effective Washing

We recommend that you wash the swimsuit by hand using mild soap to avoid damage to the elastane fibers. If you prefer to use the washing machine, place the swimsuit in a washing bag and select a delicate cycle at 30° C, without fabric softener or harsh detergents.

Purchase and Adaptation of the Menstrual Swimsuit

Can I Buy Only the Bottom of the Swimsuit?

You can definitely choose just the Luna Roja menstrual swim dress bottom and pair it with your favorite swim top to create a unique and fashionable outfit.

Selecting the Right Size

To choose the correct size of your menstrual swim dress , you can be guided by the size of your usual swimsuit. If you are between two sizes, we advise you to opt for the larger one for greater comfort. Additionally, we offer detailed guides to help you take your measurements and ensure the perfect fit.

Hassle-Free Trial and Return

Try Before Committing

If you have doubts about the size, at Luna Roja we make it easy to try on the swimsuits in the comfort of your home. You can order several sizes, try them on calmly and return the ones that don't fit at no cost. This service ensures that you only get the swimsuit that meets all your expectations.

Conclusion: Enjoy Summer Without Worries

With Luna Roja menstrual swim dresses, you don't have to sacrifice your days at the beach or pool. Follow these tips to keep your swimsuit in perfect condition and enjoy a summer full of fun and freedom. If you are ready to transform your summer experiences and forget about menstrual worries on the beach, we invite you to explore our wide collection of menstrual swimsuits. Visit Luna Roja and discover how our products can make your summer more comfortable and uninterrupted.

Immerse yourself in freedom this summer with Luna Roja and enjoy the water like never before!

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Red Moon Girls Review
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Red Moon Girls Review
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Red Moon Girls Review
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