Enjoying Summer Without Interruptions

Summer arrives and with it, the desire to dive into the pool or enjoy a day at the beach. At Luna Roja, we want nothing to stop you, not even your menstruations. Here we show you how you can bathe during your menstrual days without worries.

Overcoming Barriers: Swimming and Menstruation

Is it possible to swim during menstruation?

Of course! Swimming during your menstrual days is completely possible and you don't have to stress about it. With the right solutions, you can swim and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Embracing Your Body: The Body Positive Movement

body positive

The Body Positive movement teaches us to accept our body as it is, without giving in to the pressures of having a "perfect body" by summer. This concept aligns with the idea of ​​enjoying water during menstruation, normalizing something as natural as menstruation.

Accept and love your body

Loving yourself does not mean seeing a perfect image in the mirror, but rather feeling good inside and doing what makes you happy in every moment. Putting on your swimsuit and enjoying the sun, sea or pool without worrying about your appearance is an act of self-love.

Practical Tips for Swimming During Menstruation

Choose the Right Protection

At Luna Roja, we offer alternatives such as menstrual panties, which allow you to live your menstrual days without worries. They are comfortable, safe and allow you to enjoy water without fear of leaks or bad odors.

menstrual panties, menstrual panties

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Enjoy Worry-Free Water

Many women wonder how to enjoy the pool or beach during menstruation without resorting to tampons or menstrual cups. Often, concerns about the risks associated with these options, such as toxic shock syndrome, can deter some from taking the plunge.

Risks of Swimming with Tampons

Disadvantages and Dangers

Although tampons are commonly used for swimming during menstruation, they pose certain risks that should not be ignored. Contact of the tampon string with water can facilitate the rise of chlorine and bacteria, potentially causing discomfort or infections. Additionally, the possibility of the tampon absorbing water and swelling, or the string showing through the swimsuit, are concerns that can affect the wearer's comfort and confidence.

Swimming Without Tampons: A Real Possibility

Innovation in Menstrual Swimsuits

At Luna Roja, we have revolutionized the experience of swimming during menstruation with our innovative menstrual swimsuits. These suits are designed to allow you to enjoy the water without worrying about leaks or the need to use internal products.

Comfort and Style with Menstrual Suits

Our menstrual swim dresses are available in a variety of styles, from one-pieces to bikinis, and in designs ranging from understated to bold. Each model is designed to offer safety, comfort and style, allowing each woman to feel confident and attractive while enjoying their water activities.

Advantages of Herloop Menstrual Swimsuits

  • Guaranteed protection: Designed to contain menstruation without risk of leaks, even in water.
  • Diversity of styles: A wide range of options that adapt to all tastes and preferences.
  • Total comfort: Eliminates the need to worry about changing your menstrual protection frequently.

Bathing During Menstruation Has Never Been So Easy

swim dresses for menstruation

The Luna Roja menstrual swimsuit has changed the way women experience summer and the pool during their menstrual days. With an innovation that combines comfort and safety, this swimsuit allows you to enjoy the water without worries of leaks, irritations or health risks.

Safety and Comfort in a Single Design

Comprehensive Protection Without Risks

The Luna Roja menstrual swimsuit is more than just a swimsuit: it incorporates special protection designed to resist water and handle liquids effectively. This protection integrated into the bottom of the suit ensures no leaks or odors, and eliminates the risks associated with using tampons, such as irritation or toxic shock.

Discretion and Efficiency

Despite its high functionality, the protection is discreet and maintains the elegant aesthetics of the swimsuit. You can wear it like any other swimsuit but with the added confidence of being completely protected.

Management of Heavy Menstruations

Combination with Internal Protections

For those with heavier flows, we recommend combining the menstrual swimsuit with internal protection, such as a menstrual cup or an organic tampon, to ensure optimal protection while swimming or relaxing on the beach.

Demystifying Menstruation in Water

summer, pool, summer, rest

Live Menstruation Normally

Menstruation is a natural process that should not prevent you from enjoying water activities or sports. Red Moon encourages you to live these days with the same intensity and joy as any other day of the month.

Benefits of Exercise During Menstruation

Practicing sports during menstruation is not only possible, but beneficial. Activities such as swimming can increase the production of endorphins, improving your mood and relieving symptoms such as pain and cramps.

Conclusion: Change Your Menstrual Experience with Red Moon

With Luna Roja menstrual swimsuits, there are no longer excuses not to enjoy summer to its fullest. These suits allow you to dive into any water adventure without worry, ensuring you feel comfortable, confident and attractive. If you want to live a summer without interruptions and with total freedom, we invite you to explore our collection of period underwear. Visit our store in Luna Roja and choose the style that best suits your personality and needs. Do not let anything stop you!

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