Imagine that you are in a public place, facing the naturalness of your menstrual cycle, but without access to a clean and adequate bathroom. Unfortunately, this situation is all too common for many women and girls. It's not just a matter of comfort; It is a matter of dignity , health and equal rights.

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The Importance of Clean and Accessible Bathrooms

Having the possibility of taking care of your menstrual hygiene in privacy is essential for your self-esteem and well-being. However, reality shows us that there is still much to do:

  • Access to clean facilities : Reduce the risk of infections and take care of your menstrual health.
  • Education and work without interruptions: The lack of adequate conditions can lead you to miss school or work, impacting your development and social participation.
  • Dignity and respect : In the privacy of a proper bathroom, your dignity is protected, stigma is combated, and an environment of equality is fostered.

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Obstacles to Overcome

dirty public toilets

Although the issue is clear, the path to ideal public bathrooms is full of barriers:

  • Spaces they don't consider: Many public bathrooms lack the privacy and resources necessary for menstrual management , from soap and water to adequate spaces to change menstrual products.
  • Lack of empathy: The absence of adequate facilities reflects a lack of knowledge or indifference towards the specific needs of women, perpetuating stigma and discrimination.

Steps towards a Better Future

design with a gender perspective

Transforming our reality is possible through concrete actions and collective commitment:

  • Design with empathy : Implement bathrooms with inclusive designs that consider menstrual needs, ensuring their cleanliness and maintenance.
  • Educate to change : Through education and awareness , we can promote cultural change, challenging stigmas and building a more empathetic and respectful environment.
  • Policies that protect : It is essential that public policies reflect a real commitment to access to clean, safe and accessible bathrooms, recognizing menstrual rights as human rights.

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