In a world where inequalities manifest themselves in multiple ways, period poverty emerges as a critical problem that demands our attention. This phenomenon not only represents an economic barrier to accessing basic health products, but also highlights the intersection between the health, dignity, and opportunities of millions of women, girls, and menstruating people. This article seeks to explore the dimensions of period poverty, serving as an essential introduction to the topic and setting the stage for a deeper discussion on how to combat it in Latin America and around the world.

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Identifying Menstrual Poverty

Period poverty is defined by several key factors, including:

  • Restricted Access to Menstrual Products : The economic inability to purchase basic products such as tampons , sanitary pads or menstrual cups leads people to use unsafe and hygienic alternatives.
  • Prolonged Use of Single Menstrual Products : Prolonging the use of menstrual products beyond what is recommended, due to lack of means to replace them, significantly increases the risk of health problems.
  • School and Work Absenteeism : Lack of access to adequate menstrual products leads to absence from school or work, affecting the education and economic development of women and girls.
  • Lack of Adequate Health Infrastructure : The lack of safe and clean spaces to manage menstruation highlights one of the most obvious manifestations of menstrual poverty.
  • Social Stigma and Shame : The taboo and negative perception surrounding menstruation reinforce a cycle of silence and marginalization.
  • Dependence on Donations or Precarious Alternatives : The need to depend on donations or the use of inadequate substitutes is a clear indication of menstrual poverty.
  • Lack of Menstrual Education : The absence of reliable information about menstruation limits the ability to manage it in a healthy and informed way.
prejudices, accusations, lack of knowledge about menstrual health and menstruation

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Towards a Comprehensive Response

Fighting period poverty goes beyond the mere provision of sanitary products; It requires a collective effort to dismantle stigma, improve menstrual education, and create adequate infrastructure. It is a call to action to ensure that no person is disadvantaged by their body's natural conditions.

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