Menstrual Justice: A Comprehensive Framework

Menstrual justice encompasses more than just access to sanitary products. It represents a fight against the lack of information, resources and essential services, posing a fight against systemic discrimination. This movement aspires to a world where menstrual management is as accessible as drinking water, promoting equity for all women and menstruating people.

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Feminist and Ecological Perspectives on Menstruation

From feminism, menstruation transcends its biological aspect, becoming a social and political phenomenon . Openly discussing menstruation challenges taboos and reinforces women's position in society, highlighting how it affects their public and professional participation. At the same time, the ecological perspective warns about the environmental impact of disposable menstrual products, urging a reflection on our consumption habits and the search for sustainable alternatives .

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Fighting Period Poverty: A Joint Effort

The alliance between feminism and environmentalism offers innovative strategies against period poverty, advocating for access to sustainable and affordable menstrual products , such as menstrual cups and cloth pads. This collaboration not only aims to mitigate environmental impact but also to empower women and menstruating people through economic autonomy and health.

Benefits Beyond the Fight Against Menstrual Poverty

The combined feminist and ecological perspective extends its benefits even to those who do not directly experience period poverty. It promotes sustainable practices that contribute to the well-being of the planet, encourages a culture of health and self-care , and fosters a more inclusive and fair environment for all menstruating people, regardless of their economic situation.

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Conclusion: Joining Forces for a Sustainable and Inclusive Future

The intersection of feminism and ecology in the menstrual struggle underscores the importance of addressing menstruation with dignity, respect, and collective action. This comprehensive approach not only combats period poverty and its negative effects but also promotes dignified, sustainable and accessible menstrual management for all. By participating in this movement, you contribute to a future where menstruation is free of stigma and barriers, benefiting individuals and the planet alike. We invite you to join this transformative effort, where every action counts towards the construction of a more just and equitable society.

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