emprendedoras, mujeres emprendedoras

Entrepreneurial Women: Overcoming Obstacles with Determination

Explore how women entrepreneurs are changing the business world in the face of unique challenges. From overcoming financial barriers to combating gender stereotypes, discover key strategies for success and how inspiring figures like Silvina Moschini are leading the way toward a more inclusive and equitable future in entrepreneurship.
empoderamiento, justicia social y ecología feminista

Reimagining Menstruation: Between Feminism, Ecology and Social Justice

Discover how the union of feminism and ecology is transforming menstrual management. Join the fight for dignified and sustainable menstruation with our insights and innovative solutions.
feminismo lésbico

Lesbian feminism: What is it and what are its most relevant characteristics?

Lesbian feminism is a current within feminism that focuses on the intersection between gender oppression and sexual orientation. This material will interest you
feminismo filosófico

Philosophical feminism: what it is, conceptualization and main characteristics

Philosophical feminism has been a crucial school of thought in the fight for gender equality and women's liberation. Learn more about this approach in our blog
el anarcofeminismo

Anarchofeminism or anarchist feminism: what is it and who practices it?

Anarchofeminism encompasses a wide diversity of voices and perspectives. Find out with us

What is ecofeminism? Theory, characteristics and history

Ecofeminism recognizes the interconnection between gender oppression and the exploitation of nature, and invites us to rethink our relationships with the environment and build a more egalitarian and sustainable world. Check out

feminismo socialista

What is socialist feminism? Birth, characteristics and examples

Socialist feminism seeks to address economic and gender inequalities, recognizing the interconnectedness of class oppression and gender oppression. See our approach here
Feminismo negro: ¿qué es y en qué se diferencia de otras corrientes del género?

Black feminism: what is it and how does it differ from other currents of the genre?

Black feminism fights against race, creed and gender discrimination. In our blog you can find everything related to this current that has evolved for Afro-descendant women.
feminismo radical

What is radical feminism? Is it a current with many followers? Explanation and history

The struggle of radical feminism focuses on the transformation of society as a whole through the dismantling of patriarchy and the structures that support it, but why is it a topic of debate? Here we will tell you everything
geografía feminista

What is feminist geography? How it was born, influence and writers on the subject

Promoting a feminist geography requires a comprehensive approach that includes teaching, research, interdisciplinary collaboration and raising awareness in society. Learn everything related to the topic
libros feministas

12 feminist books that we should all read and understand in 2023

Within the feminist movement there are books that can inspire you to be a successful and self-confident woman. Here we leave you some
 feminismo interseccional

What is intersectional feminism? Explanation, history and books about it

Intersectional feminism has left an indelible mark in the fight for gender equality and social justice. Know everything about it
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Red Moon Girls Review
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Red Moon Girls Review
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